2018 Christmas; is it beautiful or not?

2018 Christmas; is it beautiful or not

It is December 22, 2018 at 0654.

It is getting lighter outside yet the moon is full

It is our special day that we celebrate Christmas

And all that is within is a bundle of nerves and worries

Yet, should I breathe and give permission for happiness

The laughter will arise. It always comes.

The sparks in the fireplace will pop

The warm glows on the faces will take me back in time

And then, the last ten years will illuminate when your eyes turn

You catch me within your glance

And I, remember us and we

The children now grown and… time

The spot of time allowed each of us is ours

Given by our creator who gave us the clay

One day we will return the piece or pieces

A measurement of our creativity then measured

And that is soon and … then

Meanwhile, wrinkles and silver hairs appear

Are there smiles or sadnesses

In which way did we stretch?

Our pride lays down

And in nakedness our art

Is then… exposed

BoJenn December 22, 2018

A friend responded

I write

Some pieces are more beautiful

Others are rugged

Some are chipped and broken

Some belong in the queens artisan

Some are lost in the winters ice and snow

And some were washed overboard

And the power of the waves tore them into nothing

Thus into Sand they fell asleep amongst the roe

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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