Honestly The Truths Are

Well I am Discovering that you want to read only the good and nice and nothing about painful truths

You want to hide your eyes and hearts from knowing your paths because the truth is too sorrowful

And perhaps heaven is made up of our egotistical human frailties and desires

But in reality I think it’s a resting place for contemplations

Perhaps alone with our angels. Huh maybe dogs

And we perceive the next go around and what needs are to happen

To get us to the place of angelic beings who aren’t fallen

Oh I don’t know and neither do you

But guaranteed a place most shocking

Working, praying, asking for mercy and explaining the whys of our contamination’s

So much to consider beyond this place

So much to learn from not hiding our face

Bowing of hearts because of thanksgivings

Escaping another life

Perhaps not breaking

The simplest message about love

Perceiving it’s value not using money

Gratefully accepting the heavens forgiveness

Letting its fingers touch our brains and senses

Loving the vibrations of the goddesses who heal using their hearts

And I collapse into the music of their hymns and smile

As if I had died and gone to heaven whilst being present in their company

Of brave lovely angels who tenderly guards the flock of souls

And for their tender care I am most grateful and thankful for the moments

January 2019

BoJenn wrote this poem

The artist of the image is unfortunately unknown

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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