The Explanation

There’s where I moved along the road as if I held breaths of a freed mustang

The temperatures were not of any concerns nor noted by the roped or harangue

Smiling because of the youthfulness within my fleshy skin of elder beings

Dancing on the pavement forgetting the pangs of ages and tearful memories lingering

Laughed at the childishness within the vaults of deterioration and morganatic marriages

Awe there’s absolutely no such thing declaring in sarcastic exuberance, oh


We are given a birth, a life and in finality a remorseful death of tissues

However the life so misunderstood by people who exhale the way of scavengers

Nothing more than viruses or even malignant cavities in the depraved fallen heresies

Tales, mere lies to calm the innocent bystanders awaiting trials and happenstances

Promises of places where green pastures continue as if it lays forever ~


Oh how I wish that I thought like you

But don’t ~

Can’t imagine

We are caught in a black hole of everlasting



Merely worms of a created existence to ward off overgrown cells collecting of animals

Inside the universe or body of gods almighty



And that dear one

Reveals the finale of an entire lifespan returned

Anew and again

And again

Back into the forces and nuclei and geometric patterns all revolving

And yes god loves us all as we are one within a quivering circle

And shall return vibrating together creating a song or mans hymns

Explaining our world to whomever shall listen

January 2019


5 thoughts on “The Explanation

    1. Yes, I guess it is sombre! It was my mood yesterday… just some setbacks, nothing major is occurring, thank god, in my life!

      I was getting my personal feelings on paper about death, and the endings (plural) that (I feel) we might face. I don’t think we have a full scope of the end(s) in store.

      Thanks for your comments. Not many people ever make any comments and sometimes I wonder why.

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      1. I know what you mean about the comments. I think it’s a fabulous way to build connections, show appreciation etc.
        We are in for many changes I think in this coming year.

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        1. If you read my other post, The Handmaid’s Tale, then you would know how and why I was writing ✍🏼 my poetry in utter depression this past weekend. If you get a moment to read what I wrote, I think you will understand my spirit behind the writing.

          Margaret Atwood blew me away with her story A Handmaid’s Tale. It is truly horrifying and frightening. However the possibilities are real in a free country today.

          It’s a must watch.

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