Many a Friend

There were times past that I saw you laugh

And sometimes I saw you weep and cry

I’ve watched you say things as a youngster

And have heard your utterances as an adult

Many years have passed with our plates full

Of children, of caretakers, of cooks, and brooms

One day soon we’ll say, goodbye, many friends

One day, yes it’s true, we will nod our farewells

And turn towards the suns light and somewhere

Else we shall go and begin again a journey to

Another place making up a circle ⭕️ of living

Knowing others seemingly familiar to us

As if all happenings and moments were surreal

Just walking up the staircases is expected

And all lives are living collectively in orders

Swaying sands heated or cold moves in unison

And the DNA is only the superscripted tags

Of where our origins from the rocks on galaxies

Took place.


BoJenn January 30, 2019

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