Tiptoe Past The Moonlight

We tiptoed on the path covered with moonlight

The canoe awaited for our swift quiet arrival there

Hanging fragrantly in the moist thick hot night air

The aromas of Night Blooming Jasmine lingered

No persons found within our sight of envisions

No wanting dogs needed attending

Oddly there were no monkeys taking bananas

Just you and I escaping the matrix of daytime

Hopefully unseen by anything that tells stories

Into the unbalanced boat I step, you brace me

Next, your turn, now sitting like galant dancers

Off you gently push from the wooden stakes

Carefully making no sounds disturbing livestock

Paddling deep and hard, yet ever so slowly

Into the dark, into the night, within the canoe

Down the river to never land moving forward

Hands on my shoulders oh so warm my friend

Counting the sways of water beneath our breath

The heat is boiling with the sweltering skin

The stars watch the volcano erupting with flares

And then the twinkling of the stars applaud

The heavens giggled as if it’s a happy child

We dove into fresh clean water just to swim

The moonlights the water above our chins

Climbing on board gaining complete composure

Snuggling up within the warmth of each other

Start rowing back to the wood on the deck

Tying the canoe amidst the limbs of the Jasmine

Up on the pathway leading back into the matrix

The Moon light tips it’s hat “good night”

As the Suns first beams of lights hit the horizon

And we wave farewell as we bid our goodbyes into the fundamentals and destined elements of tomorrow

BoJenn Feb 1 2019

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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