After Death; When Lives Change

Please understand that poetry writing is difficult for me since my incident last month. Anoxia has robbed my memory though every day I am getting better. Writing poetry makes me think. I don’t want to write any, but it’s a great exercise for my memory.




When Lives Change



Scrambling five mornings a week

For toasts, showers, clothing, lipstick, and my purse

Starting a car without the keys

Where did I put them, dear god, help! Please

Evening arrives on time, each eve

Cooking, forget cleaning, I’m up to my knees

Can’t someone assist, can’t they see me, geez!

Lord I need help with living, dear god, please

Years pass, and I’ve held things in disarray, it seems

Time has flown by and there’s nothing I have achieved, for me.

Compliments come in for my nothings, I’ve truly deemed.

Rolling my eyes about living and it’s all a confusing dream.

So February comes and it’s cold outside.

Loosing breath one night fighting hands that slide.

As if someone is choking me, slipping out of this place

Somewhere else I awakened with no time, like a space

No memory of children, pets or my homely mess.

In a place of intriguing beauty and experience.

At Pleiades, then Orion’s Belt, up and away from there.

Suddenly ~ while transporting~ I almost convulsed

The magnificence is overwhelming, as his smiling joy, couldn’t wait To show me the revelations of heaven

The gifts made just for me

And I thank him for all that he is blessing me.

With my questions answered about the universes and living after death

And in reverence I thank him for all glorious things, I have seen

I waved back and off I went

To the voices calling me home that afternoon.

I knew we’d meet again one time in my future

But now I know that my earthly frustrations are part of my heaven

And arriving home I smiled at my homely disappointments

My sadness now joy

Looking at the mess

Breathing in and out without being strangled

And yes, I am forever grateful to Him who smiles

And gave me my life with new and brighter eyes


March 10 @2019


Someone sent a message to me asking a question. My response is this;


Dear ______,


Death is individual created for all of us as heaven is, as well.


It is my opinion and not based on fact, the harder the death, the more someone loved their life and didn’t want to leave Earth.

So, this is why I say, death is created for each individual to have them leave their bodies.


In my case, death was hard. It was though, I was being strangled and death was frightening until I collapsed into nothing. There were no memories of that time. Maybe 20-30 minutes.

When I awakened 2 days later in icu, I was in and out of a coma. It was when the oxygen and time returned that I began to remember or see heaven then.


Heaven is created for each individual as I said. That’s why some people have deeply religious experiences and others have their hearts or beliefs experiences.


My love in life has been creation of The Earth, the galaxies, aliens and supernatural beings, relics, ancient cultures, mankind’s origins and mathematical physics, patterns and anything oddly different and interesting.


In the past (late 1990’s) I had been a “born again Christian” and got rid of all the things that I loved, mentioned above. After the late 90’s after leaving the church, I found and followed fearfully my own beliefs.


I found out during my recent death experience that God (small word for the creator) loved me just as I am.


In heaven he/she showed me everything that I love. I found out that I am okay where I am at with the creator.


So I hope that I answered your questions.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I so much appreciated reading 📖 the words written.


Thank you, I hope that I have helped.

6 thoughts on “After Death; When Lives Change

  1. I was going to say sorry for having to go through all that. But in context to what you write, that is trite and disrespectful. What you have experienced, been shown, and write about now has been profound and life changing. Bless you x

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    1. Hello!

      I suppose I wasn’t in depth when describing my death experience.

      Since I spoke to you last, I died! And I was resuscitated after 20-30 minutes.

      On the evening of February 8, 2019, I had an asthma attack that led to respiratory failure and then cardiac arrest.

      My son was here and he called emergency (911 in USA).

      I awakened 2 days later in ICU and that is when I started having an experience in “my” heaven. I say it like this because I have since discovered that those of us who have had this experience, go through very different things. And heaven is brilliant for all, but extremely different.

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      1. You were obviously not ready to leave this earthly plane yet. Blessed to have had your son there knowing what to do. Blessed to be resuscitated. Blessed to have had such profound experiences. And blessed to have the chance to share them with the rest of us.

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        1. There was a standing invitation for me to stay there if I wanted and the death angel (for lack of a better word) stayed with me for 11 days and maybe a few more.

          I am very thankful for the EMS CPR resuscitation; however, it was and still is painful. They fractured a couple of ribs and tore some ligaments in the breast area. I still have pain. I don’t think that I want to go through that again so I have changed my diet, what I drink and have started walking regularly.


          It’s a life changer

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