No Pressing For Heaven

There is another place

Known only by the dead

A few have experienced this

And yes… for this time, I dread

Experienced by all

At one time or another

Going back home to my space

And yes… there, we do have a face and no brothers

It’s a place not written about plainly, you see

A place filled with folklores and magical ideas and…please

Love and kinship are there awaiting yea

And beyond, there’s work for mankind to amend

Things misinterpreted and misread… dear me.

A misfortune of fairy tales to believe

People it’s real… get from my face and seize

The fairy tales are written in Chinese

And hopeful dreams and lies told us to please

And honestly the truth is… truthfully, don’t fall on your knees

It’s oh so much more than that and you should know

Don’t believe in bewildered enriching tales of heaven nor foes

Just straight on a path, nose pressed forward, and keeping your woes

Tightly snug within yourself and lips shut

Fly under the radar for keeping safe your prose

And thank the new day

And give up the no’s

For in heaven your works show

And an account is ongoing like social security

And you will process your debts forever… until each reach, celestial maturity



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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