My after life perception

My drawing of my death experience on the edge of the universes. At the top I labeled “phagocytosis” as for humans to leave our universes came a warning ⚠️

The Fibonacci grew all over the edges and it created electromagnetic energies that communicates with the entire universes and supplies energies needed.

It seems to me that our universes make up the upper lobe of a lung or perhaps I misinterpreted the idea. It seems right.

2 thoughts on “My after life perception

  1. It does look lung-like. I’m just reading the DaVinci Code, which is a fascinating read about sacred symbology. There is some interesting information in there about the fibonacci numbers and sequencing. It is a cornerstone of all creation. Perfect symmetry from the smallest to the largest.

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    1. Thanks once again for your input. Yes I knew about the Fibonacci code before my experience; however, I am not a mathematician. I just find the concept fascinating.

      I love the movie The DaVinci Code but you’re liking the book? It’s probably more detailed than the movie.

      What is lung-like? Is that about the universes and in The DaVinci Code?

      Really? Omg that’s a must read for sure! So it’s saying what I saw in my heaven?

      Keep me in touch with what you learn. I have to try to go back to sleep as I have a long class in the morning.

      Chat later?

      Okay… many thanks

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