Cooking Like Mom

This is from one of my favorite restaurants in Bullard, Tx. Closed now, but what fine cuisine he had. Can’t remember the name, oh well.

The cooking season is upon us once again. This is my 67th year! Getting older has decreased my energy for cooking and without as many people around and more pets, cooking has changed.

This week, I attempted to make my mother’s potato salad.
I bet your mom made the best, too?

Well, I do my best to leave meat out of my foods. Number one, I think of the animals that died for me to taste better foods and that’s sad (for me) and number two, the animal fats have really caused problems for me.
I don’t like statins. Within a week of taking one, I thought that I had dementia. I stopped immediately after calling my doctor. I now take Red Yeast Rice 4 x a day.

Animal meat is hard for me to let go of, and it is to me, the same as alcohol is to an alcoholic. I love the taste and everyday is a challenge. If I make it through a day of not eating meat, then I have accomplished something wonderful for me. We are all different and have our struggles such as fats, sugars, alcohol, salts and so forth. Maybe it’s fast foods for you, but the purpose of this post is to talk about great recipes and our mother’s cooking, and what we’ve learned or am learning, like me and meats.

Well anyway, my potato salad tasted nothing like my mother’s; however, it was pretty good. The mustard scoop had an odd acidic taste, so next time, I will try another type.

My potato salad ( and please please post yours)

A bag of potatoes on sale (hopefully organic if you can afford it)
Celery, a bunch, fine chopped
Onions, purple for me
Olives green, a lot
Pickles kosher, nice salty flavor
A little Bell Pepper
Eggs (maybe)

Cook bag of potatoes (not soft, but firm enough not to cream like mashed potatoes)
Celery 4 stalks if smaller
Onions 1 medium
Olives enough to tast
Pickles yes yes yes

Cool potatoes before mixing all ingredients
Let chopped ingredients marinate while waiting for potatoes to cool

Mix and eat! Breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Yum yum 😋

Please share and post your favorite potato salad 🥗

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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