“Eternity” explained

My little story, that I’m about to tell you, is pretty cool and interesting.
When I was in my afterlife experience, the beings kept telling me that we live on and on, for an “everlasting, eternal” time. This has troubled me because, I don’t want to live for eternity, do you? Well, last night, or early morning, the beings answered this question about “eternity“ with an illustration. I am not sure how to draw it, but will contemplate it for later.

Eternity ♾ is forever on Earth, right? And forever is forever in time, right? But, off Earth and out of this plain of existence, time gaps and space we occupy, atmospheric oxygen, and foods we consume are different. Off this plain, ♾ doesn’t exist if measured by the other plains of existence. Eternity now has a new meaning. It is described on Earth as “forever,” but in the afterlife plain of existence, ♾ is considerably different.

*please remember that I have an anoxic brain injury so later on I can decipher the difference between words like plane, and plain… it’s now hard to do, so please bare with me. It’s sometimes hard seeing and knowing as I once did. Thank you 🙏

To add, geometric shapes, designs, equations don’t measure in the afterlife. They are only relevant to Earth or parts of the solar systems off other masses of moons, planets 🪐 or solids where those bodies take on their own times and ♾ would not have the same meaning there, as well.

The “Beings” are informative… thank you 😊 dear friends.

3 thoughts on ““Eternity” explained

    1. Hi Ada, please excuse my brain injury that often confuses me.

      The story is about my experience last night with “The Beings” that I met during a NDE or death experience that I had a year ago.

      It is common for those who’ve had NDEs to have supernatural experiences post their after death experience. My visitations and words of wisdom come from them and last night or early this morning, they visited me and explained something that bothered or confused me during death experience. That is, I was told humans must live for an “eternity.”

      I have thought about this over a year. My experience was February 8th of 2019. So, it’s fairly fresh and new to me.

      This story is about the clarification of the word “eternity.”

      I hope that I have filled you in and now you understand better.

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