The Matrix Dogmatic Force

I also wrote this in another post.

Have you seen this vigorous system in religious/spiritual people?

I must tell you and ask you a question about your beliefs before and post NDE/TDE. Or should write, NDE is near death experience and a TDE is a longer period of time than an NDE. It is a temporary death experience.

In 1998, I left the Christian faith. I said goodbye. I won’t go into all the reasons why I closed that door, but know I was a hard practicing Christian for over 30 years. I got the “pat” phrases down and the guilt if I didn’t say it the phrases with the right amount of gusto. I judged others seriously and I was judged the same.

After 1998, I became a Gnostic Christian. I accepted all The Dead Sea Scrolls, loved The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and The Book of Enoch.

I was there, in that belief system until my TDE or temporary death experience on 2.9.2019.

My TDE touched on a little of this, but it was not religiously based or spiritual. It was scientific and mathematical.
It had absolutely nothing to do with my beliefs. Accept one thing.

So, I left the Gnostic beliefs and have come out on my own self discovery. It has been peaceful and awakening to the lies told to innocent people.

Since my TDE, I can see the force behind the people who are demanding their beliefs are correct. I see it in NDE pages. I see and feel it’s angry vigor. It is almost defined like a matrix of power that innocent people are trapped in and to get out takes years if saying “no.”

Does anyone know what I am talking about? Have you seen this force too?

It demands that a human being believe something.

Anyone else seen this? It’s very powerful and scary.
The more one moves away from the matrix’s beliefs, the more it attacks until one day it passes over you. That’s when you know, you have grown beyond it’s threats.

3 thoughts on “The Matrix Dogmatic Force

  1. I have had neither NDE or TDE. But I read. I find myself intrigued by the intersection of those with: ET reports, Demonic activity, entheogens, and vaccine halucination reports. But I’m a novice.

    I do see the dogmatism, everywhere, in everything. I don’t even think religion magnifies it anymore. Look at the two party system in America fight over airtime, or diet adherents duke it out over carbs. (Eat cake, by all means.) And definitely in religion. I’m Asatru. But I also sympathise with Gnostic Paganism – but I’m open, at least go agree to disagree, entertain outside points, etc, even knowing my faith won’t change – i try not to wreck others.’

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I see religion as a gigantic wave seeking to overcome man’s true self. Just my thoughts. But, I do my best to speak, my thoughts. I’m certain you do too.

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