God Gave Animals

Dawn, I wrote this poem with you in mind.

The bird sat perched in a cage
Plucking feathers from its body
The man caged the little creature
Why are they so desiring to conquer?

Elephants are slaughtered by horrible monsters
They who hang heads above their mantels
Who laugh and cheer toasting their egos
Killing the animals of Gods kingdom

Why do people think it’s alright
To boil the dog at a Chinese banquet
Why do people think it’s sane
To not thank the animals that give them game

They who hunt grinning like hyenas
Dusty roads and places hidden from others
Wham-bam! Shot threw the head
Slain, the wild cat lays dead ~ right there

No worries though the killers believe
It’s head will hang high for all to see
The idiots who have done this horrible things
Should surrender their heads for display ~ it seems

Steeling Gods blessings from his thrones
Capturing the bird and stopping the songs
Using the ivory, its stupidity, it’s wrong
Why do people think it’s okay
To not leave Gods gifts alone

God forgive us for harming the animals so dear
And not being responsible for causing their tears
A dog cries when hurting you see
The elephant protects its baby’s from we

Who are evil by serial nature
No better than a cat torturing its catch
Aren’t we more humane than animals
Honestly …
We’re far from peaceful beings ~ and not divine at all ~ quietly uttered sadly


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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