Abusers, Users and The Crushed



Abusers, users and the others (the crushed door mats) those who sprawl face upward on their backs and let the abusers and users trample and stomp endlessly are the receivers. The crushed have zero boundary markers and the abusers and users lack compassion or empathy for the lack of the walls of protection. The crushed constantly allow the intruders to stomp, wipe, scrape dog poop and dance like wild heathens with their dirty feet on them. These are the ones that when they awaken from their invisible state, come out ready to do damage. Shooting, knifing or slicing the abuser or user putting a stop to their poor boundaries. Then sadly, having the legal tables turn on them, just as their early childhood life developed zero boundaries. Reminding everyone, they are the crushed victim. The cycle rolls on, just as if there were an obscure lesson that only the dead understand. Why is this so?

How often do we see this occur in life? All the time.
Why are some more prone to become the crushed? We speculate childhood issues.
And, how can the abusers and users live with themselves? Haven’t they a conscious?  After all, what if the crushed were your child?

I write this after watching a relationship of misunderstood romance that took place between two acquainted friends. The crushed is lethal,  like a snake, and ready to strike the abuser. Of course the abuser/user deserves it, but I’m thinking of the physical laws governing reaping and sewing and the karmic laws that will naturally punish.

Anyway, my thoughts for a Saturday morning after the drama unfolded on Friday evening.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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