February Poems a Valentine to Self



Embracing me; smothering me.

Your insecurities extinguished my flame

You said, “I love you,” way too many times

But, I’m not sure,

Because, I don’t think you love yourself


Venus didn’t bless our love

Tried so hard to force you

Stood upside down on my head

Flipped for you to wed

Became what you wanted, yes?

Though, Jupiter was un-expansive

Because, Saturn ruled instead

Had to walk away

No energies to play

For’ Saturn ruined our day


Eros love is lust

If there is phileo love

It will arise

There is no need to force the feeling

In time, if love is missing

Then, we’re dismissed

Hey, let’s not forget to smile

Being free

No condemnation

Agape’s love is


I bought myself chocolate today

And a message

In the red floral bouquet

I sent these

To me

The message said,



There is one goal that’s unfinished

To conquer fear of loneliness

The fear of incompatibility

The fear of lightening storms

The fear of powerlessness

To conquer my fears


Loving someone because of fears

or powerlessness

or for lightening storms




Is not loving them


I love to see you laugh

When you cry

I cry

I know you are genuine

As you know me too


Traveling to a mountain top with you is unimaginable

An ecstasy that I hope for

Because as sure as The Moon appears

I will travel to the dark side

With you

When dying


And love is

that I loved me

Sacrificed me

Just for you

Because I loved you as my equal

And raised you a little higher than myself

Because you did the same

For me


“Fools Rush In”

Where angels fear to go

Attempting love again

Is beyond any scope that I know;


A life void of tenderness

Is an ocean without a ship

But to be a fool, once more

They’ll be no rushing of this wind

And, this I know, for sure



Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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