Katie Louise


14344832_10207753188733089_1677249575496545614_nHello everyone!


Today I am posting a fascinating acquaintance that I met on FB, Katie Louise. Her story and her observance over the years about those who have had out of body experiences after dying is intriguing. It was because of my recent death in February 2019 that I found Katie on a FB group called ‘Near Death Experiences’. Katie will explain her involvements, her observations of others having these experiences throughout the years, and how she has wrapped it up together to form her own opinions about deaths or near deaths known as NDEs. Keep in mind the terminology of NDE is in the changing stages as it’s not quite correct.


Thank you for agreeing to write for my blog Katie and welcome!


Katie Louise begins:

One evening, alone late at night and contemplating the spiritual consequences of ending my life, I searched the internet for what happens when we die.  In particular, if a person died from suicide.


It was a difficult time. A relationship that I hoped would last instead had fallen apart. Interweaved with everything else, I had struggled since childhood with a health condition I was born with.  Over time, I felt more and more isolated on all levels. There seemed to be no way out. Externally, I was managing the superficial aspects of my life.  Internally, I felt anxious, like I was missing something. Underlying it all, I felt fundamentally off track.


On my own, I had studied various philosophies, religions, psychology, and creative arts. I looked at astrology, and saw the uncanny way that patterns in my life and personality correlated to planets, stars, and mythical archetypes. Although I found inspiration and intriguing ideas in many directions, I found limitations too, and further questions.


Since then, I’ve seen the connection between the questions we have when we struggle, and the answers that eventually come.


It was then that I first read about NDEs, starting with Howard Storm and George Ritchie.   A simple Google search on NDERF and YouTube showed hundreds of experience accounts. This was not something that happened to a rare few. The voices of the experiencers, and their words, were genuine and profound. I read them night after night.


A switch clicked in my mind. I felt like I was peeking into a vast field of knowledge about the seen and unseen. Reading about NDEs seemed to reconnect me to what I intuitively knew, but had lost through years of immersion in this world.  I asked myself, why aren’t more people aware of these experiences?  While various belief systems tend to box things in and solidify them, these experiences expand.  The exact details of the experiences didn’t matter as much as the spiritual qualities that seemed to underlay everything. Some experiencers were introduced to a vast field of knowledge.  There is a pure flow of information in many NDEs – beautiful, direct, complete, and filled with joy, wisdom, creativity, expansion, and Love beyond our comprehension. In spite of the limitation of words, you often can feel the emotion and the intelligence behind what is said.

I discovered that these experiences are equally about “what’s out there” as “what’s in here,” in me, and in all of us.  It’s poignant that nothing and no one is excluded; on a spiritual level, each and every one of us is completely known, and Loved. There was a shift in my emotional state upon learning this information.  My thought patterns started to change.  I started re-evaluating pretty much everything about myself, including very basic assumptions about who and what I was and what life was all about.  I revisited the inner knowings I had from a very early age but had since dismissed, including this sense of being comically misaligned with my surroundings.


In my heart and mind, I started to have mini “life reviews” that left me reeling. I realized some mistakes I made, not only on an intellectual level, but on the soul level.  It was painful.  A lot of the “stuff” I was holding onto (physical, mental, whatever) didn’t mean what it used to mean or became completely irrelevant, a relic of the “old me”. I forgave grievances from the past and worked on forgiving myself as well. It was both awe-inspiring and humbling to realize the vastness and interconnectedness behind these physical appearances. Each and every one of us is a tiny piece of the whole yet our existence here has a tremendous importance of its own.  No matter what our physical appearances, our soul is engaged in something beautiful.


I developed much more acceptance of life “as it was” after studying NDEs. I grew more mindful in my personal interactions with family and friends and felt more empathy and understanding for what they were going through. The feeling of “missing something” faded. I felt connected again.  Inwardly, I was much more at peace.

This isn’t to say I made a 180 degree turn around and things were suddenly great. While there were great leaps forward in my understanding, there were more losses and challenges ahead. I didn’t even think much about NDEs for several years until a new phase of my life brought me back to them.

My beliefs were fairly open prior to exploring NDEs but NDEs inspired me to push further into spiritual work. I had experiences during meditation and an unexpected out of body experience.  This OBE validated that we exist on in a thought based reality on an especially dense plane. There are many layers and infinite overlays beyond what we typically see. The so-called “other side” is just beyond our sight. It’s really all just a blink away. Our thoughts and focus are more important than we realize.  This is not just at the individual level, but the collective level.

I’ve learned from NDEs that we never stop growing and our journeys are infinite. Our souls are never static.  NDEs are frequently in surprising contrast to an individual’s prior assumptions or beliefs.


The human mind wants explanations, something firm to hold onto, a framework to feel secure.  NDEs show us that we don’t even have the vocabulary to communicate the ineffable complexity of what is. But the core of it, pervading it and at its essence, is simply: Love.


We are explorers. Any answers we seem to have are just answers for the moment. Likewise, the person you were yesterday is no longer the person you are today. There is potential for anything, really. Each new flow of energy, whether from an event or astrological alignment or from your conscious or unconscious choice, may find you in a totally different space.


–Katie Connolly. No website, but I can be reached by email at katiecpa11 at gmail dot com.

Thank you Katie for sharing your own story of how you became interested in NDEs and what you learned from reading their stories. It seems like you read for quite a while of others accounts and found them to be many and encouraging. You opened yourself up to the world and became vulnerable and this is bravery and freedom that works hand in hand. Perhaps someone will read this and identify with you. Maybe they will be able to move away from the ideas of self harm and or suicide. What you wrote is a gift to others and I hope that your words will find the way into the hands of the person or persons feeling like they want to end their lives.

You can find Katie on FB at Near Death Experiences and other FB pages related to Near Deaths, as well. Katie has dedicated her life to discovery of near deaths and to the study of it. I think she will write a fascinating book one day. Do you agree?

Okay,. well thank you all for reading this blog of mine today and I hope that you will seek Katie out on FB if you need to. Always remember … if suicidal, please go immediately to the emergency room. Thanks so much! Have a spiritually full and awakened day.


Karma Explained

The “yin” and “yang” flows to and fro throughout lives providing the sewn.

And when it’s all over and taking your bows, karma presents you with a kick in your arse.

It says, “try it again, young soul of earth. Sleep well tonight and think of the dirt.

Supplying the manufacturer with a path to create.

Now onwards laddies into the matrix and plights.

And give it up when reaching the delight.”

Quietly Passing

Chuckled, the muse of delightful eyes glancing

A Pecan orchard had wandering paths before us

Lost in the myriad of thoughts on love and youth

The Moon so full on that eve long ago

The gentile light beams led to where a few longings be

Whilst Jasmine capture the memories of fingers with pencil in hand?

Tumbling at night under the trees and our stars flickering whimsically

Tangled auburn hair and yours’ black waves of onyx

Grasping for one more moment as tenderly complex as this

The horned owl watched in questioning shock and utter voyaging

Embracing as one within a book of tender follies

The aroma of peaches tossed to and fro; smiling

Walked quietly, my bare feet met strath and yours in boots

The Jasmine asked, would we come back?

I don’t know, I replied, and that was that.

The Pecan branches blew so soft as I pondered

The Moon lit the meandering path in my mind

I wondered then what life could have brought

Would I ever find your way again?

Saying goodbye to the orchard at eighteen

Have not traveled that path joined with any other hand

But, aromatic memories so fond still permeate the memories

Smiling of our youthful passionate quests way back that still lingers

@BoJenn 2016

My after life perception

My drawing of my death experience on the edge of the universes. At the top I labeled “phagocytosis” as for humans to leave our universes came a warning ⚠️

The Fibonacci grew all over the edges and it created electromagnetic energies that communicates with the entire universes and supplies energies needed.

It seems to me that our universes make up the upper lobe of a lung or perhaps I misinterpreted the idea. It seems right.

To Observe Heaven

My life changed in February 2019. There is no turning back. All my beliefs changed as my experience showed life in its reality and whom god is to mankind. What tomorrow brings to you or me is unknown but something will happen and we are unaware until that force occurs. The most important lesson learned in February 2019 is love. God is love and nothing more. It doesn’t judge or criticize you or me. It doesn’t sit on a throne in heaven but can be found in the cells of all things whether living or not. So tomorrow pick a wildflower and look into its living force and when you peer know the divinity that you see. When you look at a stray dog or cat, know that you are watching the cells of god moving in our lives. Look at the truths surrounding you and leave behind any false dogmas. Know that heaven is not anything like earth and nothing resembles the stories that mankind has uttered for thousands of years. Nothing.

Nebulous Child

Glorious universe you are

Birthed by faith into

My life one day long ago

Your beauty breathless to me

But I am a mother who believes

And you blossomed

above me

All strength reins your mane to and fro

And there your stars brilliance shines

Though dead your half-life illuminates the sky

And I will kiss your cheeks every night my child

Sleep well until the morning sighs

And kicks the ignition forwards

And off into the universes take flight

There you go moonbeams

Smiling as we bid goodbye



No Pressing For Heaven

There is another place

Known only by the dead

A few have experienced this

And yes… for this time, I dread

Experienced by all

At one time or another

Going back home to my space

And yes… there, we do have a face and no brothers

It’s a place not written about plainly, you see

A place filled with folklores and magical ideas and…please

Love and kinship are there awaiting yea

And beyond, there’s work for mankind to amend

Things misinterpreted and misread… dear me.

A misfortune of fairy tales to believe

People it’s real… get from my face and seize

The fairy tales are written in Chinese

And hopeful dreams and lies told us to please

And honestly the truth is… truthfully, don’t fall on your knees

It’s oh so much more than that and you should know

Don’t believe in bewildered enriching tales of heaven nor foes

Just straight on a path, nose pressed forward, and keeping your woes

Tightly snug within yourself and lips shut

Fly under the radar for keeping safe your prose

And thank the new day

And give up the no’s

For in heaven your works show

And an account is ongoing like social security

And you will process your debts forever… until each reach, celestial maturity



After Death; When Lives Change

Please understand that poetry writing is difficult for me since my incident last month. Anoxia has robbed my memory though every day I am getting better. Writing poetry makes me think. I don’t want to write any, but it’s a great exercise for my memory.




When Lives Change



Scrambling five mornings a week

For toasts, showers, clothing, lipstick, and my purse

Starting a car without the keys

Where did I put them, dear god, help! Please

Evening arrives on time, each eve

Cooking, forget cleaning, I’m up to my knees

Can’t someone assist, can’t they see me, geez!

Lord I need help with living, dear god, please

Years pass, and I’ve held things in disarray, it seems

Time has flown by and there’s nothing I have achieved, for me.

Compliments come in for my nothings, I’ve truly deemed.

Rolling my eyes about living and it’s all a confusing dream.

So February comes and it’s cold outside.

Loosing breath one night fighting hands that slide.

As if someone is choking me, slipping out of this place

Somewhere else I awakened with no time, like a space

No memory of children, pets or my homely mess.

In a place of intriguing beauty and experience.

At Pleiades, then Orion’s Belt, up and away from there.

Suddenly ~ while transporting~ I almost convulsed

The magnificence is overwhelming, as his smiling joy, couldn’t wait To show me the revelations of heaven

The gifts made just for me

And I thank him for all that he is blessing me.

With my questions answered about the universes and living after death

And in reverence I thank him for all glorious things, I have seen

I waved back and off I went

To the voices calling me home that afternoon.

I knew we’d meet again one time in my future

But now I know that my earthly frustrations are part of my heaven

And arriving home I smiled at my homely disappointments

My sadness now joy

Looking at the mess

Breathing in and out without being strangled

And yes, I am forever grateful to Him who smiles

And gave me my life with new and brighter eyes


March 10 @2019


Someone sent a message to me asking a question. My response is this;


Dear ______,


Death is individual created for all of us as heaven is, as well.


It is my opinion and not based on fact, the harder the death, the more someone loved their life and didn’t want to leave Earth.

So, this is why I say, death is created for each individual to have them leave their bodies.


In my case, death was hard. It was though, I was being strangled and death was frightening until I collapsed into nothing. There were no memories of that time. Maybe 20-30 minutes.

When I awakened 2 days later in icu, I was in and out of a coma. It was when the oxygen and time returned that I began to remember or see heaven then.


Heaven is created for each individual as I said. That’s why some people have deeply religious experiences and others have their hearts or beliefs experiences.


My love in life has been creation of The Earth, the galaxies, aliens and supernatural beings, relics, ancient cultures, mankind’s origins and mathematical physics, patterns and anything oddly different and interesting.


In the past (late 1990’s) I had been a “born again Christian” and got rid of all the things that I loved, mentioned above. After the late 90’s after leaving the church, I found and followed fearfully my own beliefs.


I found out during my recent death experience that God (small word for the creator) loved me just as I am.


In heaven he/she showed me everything that I love. I found out that I am okay where I am at with the creator.


So I hope that I answered your questions.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I so much appreciated reading 📖 the words written.


Thank you, I hope that I have helped.

My Last Post on WordPress was the day I died. February 8, 2019

Yes, I died. I flatlined. I had no pulse and no breath.

My son called EMS and my daughter got to my house before EMS.

That being said, I went without oxygen for a while and when you read my post here on WordPress, it might be confusing as my brain was/is anoxic.

So I will post some of my experiences in heaven.

First I was taken to The Cleansing Pool

There was a tall lean Asian male there with a large hat on. He was stirring brains inside the pool surrounded by many large volcanoes 🌋

I asked, “am I in hell?”

Quietly he said, “no. You are at The Cleansing Pool. Here you cleanse your mind from negative thoughts.”

I looked at all the thousands of brains in the pool.

Mind to mind he said, “these are the bad thoughts in others. Yours are here now too.”

There was no memory of loosing my bad thoughts. There was no pain.

He said, “you cannot ascend until you are clean.”

I think that I went often there to the pool within my journey to heaven.

Suddenly I am brought to look at The Earth. The dirt was shown at a magnified distance. It got closer and closer. In the dirt I saw shiny brilliant objects. I saw atoms, protons, neutrons and shiny objects. Gold, silver and another universe held in quantum physics and very much alive.

We moved on. I was with someone but I don’t know who. I didn’t ask but was comfortable.

We went to the surface of Earth and saw all the relics, monuments, artifacts of Egypt, Per, Mexico and Sumerian. I was amazed.

From Pinterest. I chose this as part of the Earth’s Fibonacci design. It’s very deep, very interesting and a bit scary.

I then asked, “who are humans gods? Who made us?”

I think we went to the Cleansing Pool.

Then I saw several non human beings. I understood. These were the gods.

Then, I was instantly at The Pleiades, at Orion’s Belt and there I said, “oh please, keep me within The Milky Way.”

And nope! Off we went to the outer perimeter of the universe or universes.

There is where I saw The Elohim (Hebrew for gods. Plural) creating the universe.

My symbol for The Elohim.

On the parameter of the universes there is a bundle like a baby bundle that holds us tightly together. It is charged with magnetic energies and it is made of The Fibonacci Code or designs.

These designs are alive and growing rapidly. They wanted me to watch and they wanted me to see what they were making.

I got these images from Pinterest and altered the colors some. Heaven has different colors and I cannot remember to show you what they are. I wish that I could remember. Mesmerizing indeed. I had to look away from the designs many times as it is all consummating and a bit scary as we’ve never seen anything like this on Earth.

Here are some of the images from Pinterest.

I wish that I could tell the artists who drew these how I think they are close to what I saw, though the colors are different.

Okay one last very memorable experience I had while in the heavens.

I saw binary codes. I don’t read the codes so I wondered why they showed me.

But what I think they might mean is this. The codes have earths dates, and names of people. The gods, angels, supernatural beings or whatever they are can travel here to us at any date and time.

The codes are used for time travel. Then recorded code information is folded onto each other just like when scientists say the universes bend together and traveling in the universes becomes a shorter distance. This is the same physical principle for binary codes and time traveling.

Okay… thank you for baring with my writing if you read this.

I appreciate your reading this. Questions are appreciated and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Many thanks 🙏🏼

BoJenn March 10, 2019

Boy what a ride

Elohim (gods). I published this on February 8, 2019, sometime before I died (later that evening)

Thank you Jordan Maxwell for showing me the correct Hebrew interpretation

Tiptoe Past The Moonlight

We tiptoed on the path covered with moonlight

The canoe awaited for our swift quiet arrival there

Hanging fragrantly in the moist thick hot night air

The aromas of Night Blooming Jasmine lingered

No persons found within our sight of envisions

No wanting dogs needed attending

Oddly there were no monkeys taking bananas

Just you and I escaping the matrix of daytime

Hopefully unseen by anything that tells stories

Into the unbalanced boat I step, you brace me

Next, your turn, now sitting like galant dancers

Off you gently push from the wooden stakes

Carefully making no sounds disturbing livestock

Paddling deep and hard, yet ever so slowly

Into the dark, into the night, within the canoe

Down the river to never land moving forward

Hands on my shoulders oh so warm my friend

Counting the sways of water beneath our breath

The heat is boiling with the sweltering skin

The stars watch the volcano erupting with flares

And then the twinkling of the stars applaud

The heavens giggled as if it’s a happy child

We dove into fresh clean water just to swim

The moonlights the water above our chins

Climbing on board gaining complete composure

Snuggling up within the warmth of each other

Start rowing back to the wood on the deck

Tying the canoe amidst the limbs of the Jasmine

Up on the pathway leading back into the matrix

The Moon light tips it’s hat “good night”

As the Suns first beams of lights hit the horizon

And we wave farewell as we bid our goodbyes into the fundamentals and destined elements of tomorrow

BoJenn Feb 1 2019

Many a Friend

There were times past that I saw you laugh

And sometimes I saw you weep and cry

I’ve watched you say things as a youngster

And have heard your utterances as an adult

Many years have passed with our plates full

Of children, of caretakers, of cooks, and brooms

One day soon we’ll say, goodbye, many friends

One day, yes it’s true, we will nod our farewells

And turn towards the suns light and somewhere

Else we shall go and begin again a journey to

Another place making up a circle ⭕️ of living

Knowing others seemingly familiar to us

As if all happenings and moments were surreal

Just walking up the staircases is expected

And all lives are living collectively in orders

Swaying sands heated or cold moves in unison

And the DNA is only the superscripted tags

Of where our origins from the rocks on galaxies

Took place.


BoJenn January 30, 2019


But, I don’t want to follow you

I had to share my note about this poem so that next year when FB asks if I remember writing this I can say, yes, that was the time in winter (cold for us in East Tx 2019)that our heat and air conditioning caught fire 🔥 and staying in my home because of my animals during the low temperatures was crazy! But, it was a huge learning experience. This poem reflects my thoughts in the middle of the 5 days of freezing 🥶… the last line reveals my anger towards God or Elohim one of our gods.

Freezing hands, they are cold

The air from my mouth and nostrils is weak

The capturing of the sun goddess took time

But, it was accomplished like an animal in knots

A trap allures by temptations and it’s death slow

Why do you do this to the ones you love, master

Is your child utterly vicious and cruel

You let him have its way, huh?

You allow its perverse pleasures to manifest

But why?

You are the good one, right? Can you not be trusted?

Have you no strength or parenthood principles

Stop it! Stop it now! For you are the father of our lights.

You are the one song about throughout the land.

Stop your children from doing harm

Please, my hands are cold.

My breath is weak.

And life is moving on

But I pray that I’m not with you

BoJenn winter 2019

The Handmaid’s Tale

I want to salute Margaret Atwood.

She wrote and developed the novel The Handmaid’s Tale.

This book spoke to me this weekend tremendously. Some people asked if I was okay after I wrote poetry. My poetry moved from her ideas of religious bigotry. It reminded me of Bosnia and the young innocent women who the world turned their backs on while they were being cruelly raped and destroyed. It happened. We didn’t understand and we ignored the pleas for help and deaths of young innocent women.

Though Margarette Atwood’s novel is not about Bosnia, it is about the enforcement of beliefs on others. It is about loosing freedoms because of a group (in this case religious) insisting their ideology on others.

The novel is exquisitely produced. The impact of the forceful efforts and responses of an overwhelming zealous mindset is astounding and changes a free country (the USA).

I ask and perhaps you do too, could this terror occur in America or maybe somewhere else. I think it’s possible when people become (utterly driven) with their ideas of being right. So, yes, something horrible could occur.

Well written Margaret Atwood. Thank you for your insight that you so bravely offered.

I appreciate your thoughts. I highly recommend this novel.

If you’ve read it or seen the series on Hulu please respond.

Thank you

Please let me know your thoughts about her novel.

There Is A Hunter

The winters cold hovered that evening

The horizon was clouded within the fog

The nights air was loomed with moisture

There was an eery gloom to the beauty

The owls silently perched on naked branches

The echoes from howling were afar; so it seemed

The hares ate carefully yet preyed

There was anxiety looming within the quietness

The scampering of animals paws

The fox bit the rabbit neck

The hare died, but rapidly

There was distinct destiny drumming from the forest

The hawks eyes watched intently

The small pieces of rabbit flesh left by the fox

The other mothers sought food in fear

There the rabbits wombs might lay open

The fox strikes again in better light

The jackrabbits scamper everywhere

The hawks eye the leftovers fallen

There is a hunter aiming a gun at the deer 🦌

January 2019


Honestly The Truths Are

Well I am Discovering that you want to read only the good and nice and nothing about painful truths

You want to hide your eyes and hearts from knowing your paths because the truth is too sorrowful

And perhaps heaven is made up of our egotistical human frailties and desires

But in reality I think it’s a resting place for contemplations

Perhaps alone with our angels. Huh maybe dogs

And we perceive the next go around and what needs are to happen

To get us to the place of angelic beings who aren’t fallen

Oh I don’t know and neither do you

But guaranteed a place most shocking

Working, praying, asking for mercy and explaining the whys of our contamination’s

So much to consider beyond this place

So much to learn from not hiding our face

Bowing of hearts because of thanksgivings

Escaping another life

Perhaps not breaking

The simplest message about love

Perceiving it’s value not using money

Gratefully accepting the heavens forgiveness

Letting its fingers touch our brains and senses

Loving the vibrations of the goddesses who heal using their hearts

And I collapse into the music of their hymns and smile

As if I had died and gone to heaven whilst being present in their company

Of brave lovely angels who tenderly guards the flock of souls

And for their tender care I am most grateful and thankful for the moments

January 2019

BoJenn wrote this poem

The artist of the image is unfortunately unknown

The Explanation

There’s where I moved along the road as if I held breaths of a freed mustang

The temperatures were not of any concerns nor noted by the roped or harangue

Smiling because of the youthfulness within my fleshy skin of elder beings

Dancing on the pavement forgetting the pangs of ages and tearful memories lingering

Laughed at the childishness within the vaults of deterioration and morganatic marriages

Awe there’s absolutely no such thing declaring in sarcastic exuberance, oh


We are given a birth, a life and in finality a remorseful death of tissues

However the life so misunderstood by people who exhale the way of scavengers

Nothing more than viruses or even malignant cavities in the depraved fallen heresies

Tales, mere lies to calm the innocent bystanders awaiting trials and happenstances

Promises of places where green pastures continue as if it lays forever ~


Oh how I wish that I thought like you

But don’t ~

Can’t imagine

We are caught in a black hole of everlasting



Merely worms of a created existence to ward off overgrown cells collecting of animals

Inside the universe or body of gods almighty



And that dear one

Reveals the finale of an entire lifespan returned

Anew and again

And again

Back into the forces and nuclei and geometric patterns all revolving

And yes god loves us all as we are one within a quivering circle

And shall return vibrating together creating a song or mans hymns

Explaining our world to whomever shall listen

January 2019