The Linden Tree

The Linden Tree, tilia tomentosa or “The Silver Linden.”

It is an extremely valuable tree. It is gorgeous also.

It is a nervine that relaxes tension and blood pressure because of the relaxation it can cause.

Headache relief

Tastes good

No known warnings

It is classified as cooling, drying and relaxing

It’s properties: antispasmodic, hypotension, nervine, relaxant, anti insomniac

It is used in gemmotheray

Seizure relaxers and epilepsy

Stabilizes of equilibrium

Draws out heavy metals from the nerves

MS, and ALS

For brain and gut

Parkinson’s Disease

It is a seductive

For Ulcers with nerve damage helps us to know our higher power

Helps forgivenesses

Helps faithful trust in life

Increases compassion causes us to think before judging

Helps us to see others burdens

I think the world needs this one herbal tree.

This is a valuable tree

Standard infusion 8oz 4-6 times a day

The tincture from leaves made with vodka

1-2 0.5 teaspoons to full 4-6 times a day

My notes from class, BoJenn