My notes; The Truth About Cancer Gaia Episode 4

Exposure to high level of toxins, chemicals, bacteria, viruses, environmental heavy metals, toxicity to lead, pesticides and mercury need chelation therapy. Colon cleanses are necessary for detoxification.

Who or what takes the trash out the best?

Detoxification is necessary to remove toxins.

Make sure the exits are open before detoxing. The bowels, respiratory, urinary and skin must be open. Get the toxins moving out.

Inflammation stops detoxification.

Mercury is everywhere. EPA says their are no safe levels. We must eat food that makes us detoxify.

Processed foods (cheese, meats drinks, etc) are high in metals. Chemistry binds foods

Strawberries bind with mercury because of the seeds on the outside. The fibers are tough and are microscopic. They bind to the dietary mercury. Fruits and vegetables are binders of heavy metals that cause cancer. Fruit seeds are excellent for binding and have a natural affinity for fighting cancer . Apple seeds are excellent. It is the seeds that of fruit that bind with cancer.

Coffee enemas, I won’t talk about. Read about it accept to say they have been known to be effective against tumors.

Suzanne Summers interviewed says keep cleaning the liver from toxins with coffee enemas.

Water and ph 7.45 will have more O2. Must drink pure water. A glass of water is best way to bring a body back to health. Water has been a cleaner that has saved lives. Colonic hydrotherapy with perfected water with ozone combines in the colon. Oxygen permeates the cells.

Negative thoughts and despair is the power of life and death according to the Bible. Victory over cancer is a decision. If you decide you’re going to die it is hard to change that. No more hope causes death.

Their is nothing but hope. It is neither good or bad. Hope is good for cancer survivors.

Epigenetic’s prove it can turn off the bad genes. That is stopping the bad things that cause the predisposition to occur. Doing the right things cause epigenetic to work.

Placeboes are beneficially use with over stimulating emotions. To do no harm. The power to heal is yours.

The lymphatic system moves the garbage in the body. Rebounding moves the lymph system. Rocking the baby. Move the lymph’s when swollen. Move the body. Rock the baby. Rebounding.

Lymphatic system is the overflow of bleed off due to fluid loss. Edema. Where does the fluids go? Into the lymphatic system. The extra fluids move into the rest of the system through the lymphatic with lymphocytes. The lymph doesn’t have a muscular system so it is passively pushes through the system by the use of other body muscle systems. It uses other muscle parts. It does not have one of its own.

American Indians do heat treatments that cause sweating that excretes toxins. Cancer cells does not so well in hypothermic situations. Hyperthermia. Normal human cells are heat resistant. Cancer cells are fragile to heat. But red blood cell destruction can occur but must be done professionally

Spoiled Rotten

Order of detox

What sticks out the most?

Colon Large intestine first use coffee enema. Triggers the sludge. may get nauseated have diarrhea

(Work bottom up)


Kidney. 3 week cleaning. Take longer. Do once a year. Pelvic pain, hip pain are toxins. Eat watermelons



Hypocrite Oath (basic)

Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food

Help and do no harm

Natural forces within us are the true healers of diseases

When a doctor can’t do good he must be kept from doing good

Indian medicine man

In the middle of the forest is a pharmacy

UFO experiences east Tx

There in the sky in the early summer or late spring June 2018 around 8 pm cst USA was an opening in the sky. It seemed to be torn and from behind the whole passing through the tear was the most brilliant lights. Whiter than our suns, purer than an sterile laboratory and more brilliant than any lasers seen in movies beaming through the tear in the sky, so I called my thirty five year olds son to come and see this happening. He came, looked up and said, “it’s another star,” and then he left. This wasn’t the first tear in the sky with enormous penetrating lights we’d seen in this backyard.

I took the pictures and he went inside.

This was the color of the sky and is unaltered.

Then I colored the lenses and twisted the tear or object. By the way it was not close too the house. I magnified it on my cellphone apple 7 at the top distance and guessing would say it was between 5 miles away and not as far as 10.

Notice the red surrounding the whole or object this is where the color was pushing through.

Every so often my backyard opens to the lights or orbs or whatever but known as ufos to us.

Lately my breathing has been plagued with asthma and is sometimes severe.

I do believe the is a connection between these stars, opening, tears and brilliant lights not to forget the spraying on my yard.

Now Tell Me Whose Crazy 😜

As some of you have seen, I’ve posted my photography of Ufology taken in East Texas for the past few years. I don’t go out and deliberately look for ufos or deliberately try to find anything. I simply take pictures and the sightings are seen later, usually such as the fall of 2014 was discovered by me a year later. Accept for yesterday’s event and the Fourth of July a couple of years ago, I never see the flying objects. Yesterday’s was brilliant and was shining brightly from far away as was the ufo on the Fourth of July 2016. I zoomed into their closer views then while photographing from my cell phone. The point is this, the flying things are everywhere. I happened to be lucky and took pictures of them unknowingly. All you have to do is take pictures of the sky 🌌. Mine are daytime events. Have a safe journey doing this and remember people will say you’re crazy, but I must ask … who are the crazy one … yep 👍🏼

Pictures and events taken by me

June 5th, 2018 Bullard Tx, USA 2010

The last one… the image is gone. Disappeared as the sky is darker than before.

Comparing one image against cell phone apps . The last one shows red around the outside. Red is an aggressive color to me. I’m Leary.

One of the above images examined closer using cellphone Aps to enhance the image.

The Sun arising over Tyler Tx USA 2017 at The Regents Building downtown

What is the image that appears as if it is the Sun?

The next images. Are on the eclipse of 2017 taken by me with my iPhone in Tyler, Tx The Regents Building. Notice the orb in several locations.

The, moving onward …

into my past and yours and by the way … there is no such thing as time.

Throw in… I got bitten by a snake because I look up instead of down

Snake unknown, but no real. Damage. Foot swelled, I lived.

Look up and out of your TVs and newspapers.

Then one day, this appeared in my backyard

One comes into view

That was The Moon and an orb surrounding it with pics from my Cellphone

Then, from my backyard summer 2016 … fun fun…breathing normally has taken on new challenges for most of us in my family. We are all. On breathing treatments now meaning albuterol inhalers or HH Nebs

we are all on inhalants now for extreme allergies.

July 3 or 4th 2015 or 16th … the times are fuzzy as time that does not exist is told to me

Once again over my backyard

Soon it leaves

Next fall 2014 and these photos from my cellphone were discovered a year later.

A little history about my family whether or not this has anything to do with these photos

My son was with the government and was a whistleblower 3 times

My father was a mechanical engineer with the government and built missiles, rockets and sadly ammunition for WWII

This is just my awesome weary story. I hope you will enjoy. Thank you for reaching and please if you’re kind reach out to me. Thank you

Over my house (east Texas USA cst 2018) In Bullard TX

There seemed to be several points on this ufo. Maybe 5-6 and I was bare eyed without glasses on.

The image disappeared at the end around 2025 cst USA

6.5.18. I got the original date wrong because I’ve been working nights and my internal calendar is screwy

BoJenn 2018


I discombobulated, cleaving to secured purposes that existing is a superfluous flawless existence that one assumed dandy in a evolving abdominal worthy way. Now will skedaddle delightfully beaming absurd lousy inflections that life is tangible and thrilling with purposes that are specially unique to everyone, but in reality, are a physical destined rotation of physics with a quantum winsome breathtaking solitude ~ it is simply mathematics and nothing more. The fairies 🧚‍♀️, the whales 🐳 and unicorns 🦄 were sent to mankind as a colorful band aide mimicking goodness and beautiful chocolate sundae 🎂 that were liquors to those who were addictive and there I found myself lusting for the better and not a gear, machine oil and a mathematical equation.



Today, our future measured in time, and ending with a verdict,

will tell the truth and declare if the morning was truly “good’ or not.

Fighting bad mornings made with negative emotions and thoughts with having only won by diligently choosing over and over again the words, the refrains, the statements “I choose life and a good life, I choose laughter and happiness, I choose to know goodness and give mercy, I choose to love the ugly, I choose to say good things, I choose the rainbows of lights, I choose walking in darkness barefooted, I choose to feed the hungry cat, I choose to help rather hinder, I choose to sleep rather than struggle, I choose to say no rather than join negativity, I choose to smile their way offering peace, I choose never to gloat, I choose to walk silently, I choose to walk alone, I choose to embrace all others, I choose me and I choose the path laying before all that escorts us to a resting place of peace. All anxiety, I choose to release like wild beasts. I set it free to go elsewhere. I acknowledge that God is wonderful, kind, helpful, loving, positive and yet uses all negatives to teach us about life and shows us goodnesses and demons. They that hold us captive, in anxiety and sadness. I am a student of the universe. I will grow as it sets out the images of life’s struggles and victories. In all of the questions and the trials, I know how to win and it is within the mind. “

BoJenn 2018 June

Tuesday in The Garden

Secretly you landed on the leaf near me

Thinking of being discreet and listening discriminately

So in-obtuse to the worlds surrounding we

But non the less, I saw you watching me, you see

Or was it that I was observing you, so it seems

And I might be wrong, but a reptilian you are, as within your seams

The truth will be answered at night in my dreams

So good night little critter until the waning of sleep

Has touched my memory with your tiny creepy feet


There Is A dragon In My Garden

Carefully coiffuring the etiquette garden of the cascading words

Trimming the elegant exuberant plethora of stumbling somnolent leaves 🍁

Happened upon an opulent slithering serpent and some bees 🐝

Hiding within the myriad of sublime transcendent trees 🌳

Shrieking in a shrill voice a cacophony was heard

And the shunned godly creature

Slithered serenely from the place of my obstreperous yells

And the words fell back into a peaceful tranquility and tune

Excusing the moments as serendipitous and absurd

But was harangue for no reason except tales of Slew (Foot)

And went about my business without any further adieu


Copyright@Bonnie Gay Jennings, or Bonnie Jennings or Boondoggling with Bojenn @Wordpress 2013 to present

Double Entendre Definition

A double entendre is a literary device that can be defined as a phrase or a figure of speech that might have multiple senses, interpretations or two different meanings or that could be understood in two different ways.

My poem:

Living, Painted Expectations

Funny how cats dislike lizards. Dogs could care less…

The Royal Wedding 🎩 was like a childhood good story book 📖. They told us didn’t they? How many heard their lessons and will believe in their truths?

Lizards 🦎 seem friendly and adorable don’t they?

Princess Di’s children grew up.

Just carry on if you don’t understand and send a wave if you do.


Watching the ones I love deeply am in awe of the huge little things they do.

One always stays near and protects me, even though, I see no sword drawn.

He quietly attends to his computer embellished conversations of this and that.

But, why did you give up your life, I am a wonderful mom, but I don’t require your soul

…but maybe I do. Oh, god, I hope not. You gave up your life for me.

And, my precious sibling, who I honor dearly, and so love…

Please, don’t leave me now… please. And if you should, I will be right behind you…

But, my children …

Then… my daughter…

Are you able to stand without a mom? I’m not sure. But, sometimes we’re not given the chance to see and must trust in something greater than oneself and this is relevant.

And all is good and right in the valley of kings.

BoJenn May 2018

Peace, an achievable dream?

Poetry about peace is difficult, you see

Writing about the ambiguous ideals are imaginary 

Childish surprises in a box of irrelevant concepts 

Contests creating the absurd are tenacious dreams, to me


However the invitation to submit is playing 

My soul twists my mind into actually thinking 

How could the absurd be written within versus 

The lol’ing of innocent silly foolish bantering


Could be convincing if individually regarding the action 

Thinking of the word “peace” just for the moment is not relaxing 

But, the provoking heart sets the brain in peaceful rhythms 

Slowly breathing in and out, one moment, just not thinking 


Of hatred and wars and battles occurring 

Everyday in the life of a drowning family 

Wondering if life is a punishment for naivety 

Gravely asked, “what are the lessons that we are missing?”


BoJenn May 2018

Expecting More on Mother’s Day

An expectancy arrives via air waves from commercials saying this day called Mother’s Day will be amazing 😉

There is no pain when you expect little and just remember that it was only your ego that raised you. The manipulation of the airwaves and broadcasting sets us up to want more because it tells us that we deserve more and really we deserve nothing.

The act of dismissal of all others will set a path for appreciation and thankfulness from a few.

Learning to love yourself is freedom for you and everyone near your circumstances.

This is my journey. Welcome home self. Glad you’re arriving on time.


The last picture I took of the midday eclipse 2017. Notice the UFO 🛸?

Tenacity The Girl. (A children’s story about being tenacious)

“Being unyielding about my future, I decided determination and pursuits were the only pathway for a successful arrival,” so she told us a little about her story.

She said, “My shoes laces were nicely snuggled with all loose ends placed securely inside my foot. I was ready and I am going to win. I will succeed one more time before my eyes close for the last time.” Tenacity repeated the words of her mothers.

“Her name is Tenacity.” She is known to be tenacious and her mother proudly laughed. Her mother knew what would take her through life and free her to fly. She knew her little girl would have to fight her way out of many wombs and webs binding her from childhood to adulthood. Life would not be easy, but she knew and said under her breath, “Tenacity will make it.”

BoJenn 2018

The Ulterior Manipulation

Amongst the forces speaking or yelling from TV sets come ulterior motives.

The sentences contain one word that drives a person to another vibration.

Good or bad the ulterior is hidden, secret and is used this way for a trap.

A motive, a force, a witch, a spiritual person or a human who knows the physical laws of persuasion.

An ulterior motivation is just that, a masked message, a commercial, the news, politicians, pastors, and people using religious beliefs … use it every moment.

We are manipulators.

We are egos wanting to be right.

We are over taken with our needs and wants.

We are selfish.

We have a need to control.

My words now are manipulating someone into sadness, anger, and furious judgmental behaviors.

It is a desire to show you how easily we, all of us, are played.

By BoJenn 2018

Labeling Jesus

I was reading a political statement in the comments section where some wrote, “Blah blah blah and please help Sarah Huckabee in Jesus name.”

Does this mean the other/others are nefarious or are not worthy to have Jesus involved?

Is Sarah the only one to pray for?

I just don’t see Jesus getting involved in this kind of manipulative BS.

Moue Smirk 😏

Her face offered a moue, a smirk of disbelief and contempt, for the fresh news.

There was something wrong, something funny, something not right with the announcement.

Her gut knew they were lying. The gut followed by connecting the signs and most importantly by watching, by listening and by using silence.

Like a red hound dog, she was alert, but her class and demurred behaviors kept her within the sly.

By intuition, she broiled the liars.

She knew. She knows

BoJenn 2018

Should I continue?

Dream Reporter

Tuesday May 1 dream report. Awakened by 2 rough nightmares this morning, I had to go back to sleep to try to change the atmosphere of my surroundings. Sadly I was abruptly disturbed by an airplane crash almost over the backyard (dream 2).

In between the 2 dreams, I wrote a poem about death. It was inspired by poem 1 and after it was written, I fell asleep once again.

The dreams were subliminal and as if they were real. I noticed upon awakening a phone call came early this morning. I missed the person and have tried to return the call. No answer.

Did anyone else have bad dreams last night?


Follow up report:

A little piece of prose

Perhaps my dreams were happenstance.

Perhaps they were yelling an event.

I don’t know for certain but time will tell and the events will be remembered by the dreams that told a story about the time and happenings surrounding the hints.

Dream reporter


April 30, 2018

Full Moon 🌕 over East Texas

My Bird 🦅

Look upon that fence!

See it, or does your mind linger?

The pure white feathers adorn it’s body

However, in the beginning, not so luxurious

Over years, as I’ve seen it perched

Catching glimpses of it, I’ve watched

The young dullness of the early days

A brownish wren, it was likened to

But there it sat, in summer and coldness

Gelid winds and rainy dreary weather

Never moving or so it seemed like forever

Thoughts of it passed or was it in my dreams?

The bird sat always there in a memorial service

And I was vague and disregarded it’s unpleasantness

The nagging from its lingering became monotonous

It never chirped or sang in my presence

And as I grew older the fowls feathers lightened

It too showed years of persuasion and persevering

It was notoriously equipped to help my animosities

But over the years my passions drifted into a bewildering love

The breasted bird awaited my exiting from the living

Then upon my final breath it honorably arose within singing

It came to collect the bewildered gapping soulful human

Up and away it flew way past and over Europe

There it laid my dreamy thoughts and utter confusion

At the bed of my master and to whom I’m driven

Looking up, my eyes glance towards a heaven

There in tune voices echoing a song in memory

Knowing that I’m now home and brought by my pilgrimage

My bird arose when in time of my final departure

Patiently it awaited my vague ambiguous recognition

And when time bid, it flew me home to the place of my beginning

My Bird

BoJenn 2018