Poetry for Saturday October 7, 2017 


It was in there that I became lost then found myself 

A  panacea for the ill mental lost falcons of the air

Of the world and of the universe I have traveled 

And there is where I became disenchanted 

Entertaining the green essence of a forest 

Fireflies or orbs greeting my quaint arrival 

Tethering was their way of communication 

No sounds heard as they buffered all answers

Holding my hands as I entered their wang 

Smelling my skin over my brow

Quietly vibrating within the silence 

Kissed my forehead and my eyes   

Then I knew that I was suddenly home 

These lights were beautiful beings 

People whom I had loved

And they accepted me with their open arms.   

This forest was the place for me to rest 

It is my home when the world is a mess 

And one day into the gates I will enter

But until then, I travel yonder about 

For like all I’m just a sinner 

Until the lights transform my heart 

I must wander from hither to yon 

Accepting all that is and everything beyond 


Cat Dubois; Odyssey to Enchantment 

Dust cover being read by Tulika Dugar and Alan Johnson 
<a href=”https://youtu.be/mmNJUv-Zf1Q”>https://youtu.be/mmNJUv-Zf1Q</a&gt;

Leaping to Destiny and Being Saved in The Process. Once again thank you Alan Boles for A Poets Haven on FB

Bleak dark mold and filth clung to my feet.

I’d removed my shoes wandering the straths 

Wondering if it ever get out of this murky place

The stench was so great I’d of cover my face

After a period of sledging this smitten hell hole flop

My face covered in dung and sheep turds that hung

The long sleek grass covered my cut swollen ankles 

The eschewed moments for the boroughs offered 

But a light from above splintered my filth smitten eyes

It seemed only a smattering distance from where I stay

Reaching from underneath slime infested molds grabbed 

Branches of government and wilted worn out souls 

Over the tops of the sinking sanders and greasy cesspools 

Throughly through the nuke and miry dangling thistles

Swinging above the mirrors of wild ferocious beasts

Teething angrily swearing growling of their dismay 

The last feature of the narcissistic swamps voice smiles

Lay a pool of beautifully colored delicate purplish orchids 

They daintily lie so much like a virginal sweet princess’

The damned pool of quick sands are now at my feet 

No ropes, no cords to flash myself across to its other side’

Shall I be defeated, hell no, and with that I run across 

The sands try to grab me with deeper angst that I can imagine 

But I swear, I’ll not die here dwelling in this putrified canyon 

But, it’s final now and nothing is left for my hands to take hold 

The smugglers of sand are taking me underground in this mess 

Shall I not have what is promised in this kingdom come

And before my eyes and mouth go under a chimpanzee takes me 

He lifts this wilted human body lashed from the situations 

He pulls me to the shady sunlight on the heavenly garden 

And tenderly administers love and gods freedom 

Awakening me, from my twisted imaginations 

Knew I was home 🏡 in the place where I’d be likened 

And never shall I return to the place in that dungeon 

And in thankfulness I’ll kiss my mother and father 

Who brought me here to gods glorious house in his kingdom 



A Simple Beautiful Fall Morning 

This image is from Alan Boles on A Poets Haven on FB

Simply exquisite enraptured beautiful weather and sky

Sunlight and rays beamed through the vague limbs

A story was before me, traveling to utterly nowhere 

And I felt amazed by the birds singing everywhere 

Could this be a sign from the forces protecting heaven 

Or was it a mysterious journey taking me to somewhere 

Awe but the sights enraptured my journeys small quest

And I lingered at the fence just beholding the moments 

There a calf born from a weakened stated furry vessel 

Wobbling on its unsure legs and quite insignificant 

Except to me who found the frothy newborn calf

But watched his mother sadly woozy and unsteady

Deciding to venture into their world of uncertainty 

Became a servant of the kingdom of healers

Held my arms around her weakened neck

Rubbing her brow and tenderly helping the calf

Found myself in their monumental task

Just helping the beasts to come to their place 

And there I stayed until I’d been released

Surrendering time to the troubles and needs

On a beautiful fall day meandering a road

Found the beauty that led me to this time 

Thankful for the best day that I’ve ever had 

The life of a mother and a tender lad

And God led me here and this I know 

He takes us places where there are no bows

Just he and we and work he has us to do

On simple exquisite enraptured beautiful days


To Neil deGrasse Tyson MultiversesMultiverses Dark Matter and Space

By Bojenn 

Space is not what we have perceived nor proven synergistic energies 

Creative chaos moving ionic and cationic particles while flicking dust 

Dark matter a binding glue thought no attraction between tiny atoms

The caverns of sixty percent of multiverse that’s not thought of often 

A universe upon universe up universe upon universe yet a hyperbole 

A parallel existence between hither tither and way beyond imagination 

And even perhaps never ending infinite galaxies one day colliding on 

Andromeda and the Milky Way tearing apart compelling two black holes

And where on Earth does this creature called man whose complexities 

Are similarly compared to the life of an ant building and working towards 

Kingdom Come and adoring a queen mother and where are there truths

Vastness of dark matter and only see what intellectuals can comprehend 

And if there is a god then he’s the master within the caves hidden behind 

The laws of mans physics won’t define a random chaotic bend in time

Something is missing from the equation defining logistics of engineering 

How are the multiverses managed and how do they operate and how ?

Its forever waning on, off the edge of the cliff, jumping from the carbon atom

Jumping into the abyss of randomness and and not knowing what is 666

So man without answers makes scientists from curious young children 

Like infinity this poem will never end as the questions grow need relevance 

As the multiverses grows leaps and bounds so should questions 

And answers change with proofs of worn out theories and man lives on

Until Andromeda collides with Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury 

Silently revering the moments when Earth kisses Venus and Mars

Raises war on the gods who allowed chaos to happen  

🌞⭐️💥✨☀️⚡️🌙🌖🌕🌒🌘🌑🌚🌝💫⚡️☄️bj 2017

To Houstonians Old Harvey 

If you should go by way of the South

To the place where I was born on rivers bend

The willows sway by the ways of the wind

Then bid hello to the folks who are my kin

If the moonlight is shining on waves

If it rumbles into the night 

Know that I am riding the waves of time 

Thankful for all the memories of you 


If life should stop being a beautiful day 

If it should slumber and disintegrate 

Please know that I will live within my dreams 

And carry on truth about the way it seems 


If my children were to travel on

If they are to explore the vast unknowns

Please know that I am like the Sun’s dawn

Arising with lights and shadows from beyond 


When winter comes to bring you rest

When it slumbers into midday 

Think of the flowers blooming next spring 

The ways of you that I remember best 


And if a dandelion’s thistle drifts on a breeze 

If it lingers dancing on high drifts 

Please know that the moments cast

And whispers a message from me to you 



The News Media Sinks America 

Hatred hasn’t ever depicted beautiful eyes

Lurking within mankind prays it dies 

Seeing no radiance within that flower 

Useless energies are pearls under hogs

The swine of devils merely befogs

Don’t be deceived they’ll embrace bouquets 

Stand away and see havoc ablaze 

Think not to tame the demons 

Thank God who set you freeman 

Get away, they inhabit innocent naives 

Backs against wind away from slaves

Walk towards the sun vastly assured 

The chains won’t tackle you unsecured 

Bullets darting everywhere can’t be hung 

Run away little innocent flower children 

Naiveté of hellhounds and snorting minions 

Fast on the tracks of virginity 

Sleep soundly and quietly in safety 

Let the hellish depravity kill itself 

Now rest your head in mamas lap

Hush little baby don’t you cry


People who yell, “Bigot.” 

Exaggerating words explicitly used by the news media 

Ignites a war amongst the overpopulated civilians 

They succeed in their cause for havoc and death of minions 

Dusting dirt from their hands retreating to their kingdoms 

Goodnight world!

Job done! The smiling half of the humankind lay not waisted 

However under red dirt and clay lay neighbors and brothers 

The lady sank because of the disdainful verbiage from the country’s news media 

It takes no blame and justifies its actions without shame 

2017 @Bojenn

The Myst Finds 

There is a myst amongst the veil that surrounds we

Who forge a way on a journey surely unknown to 

The people who walk amid stones and brambles do

Stumble in darkness yet hopefully led by preambles 

Finding a way that seems right under a shadowed moon 

Sticks and thorns, stickers and moss, constantly loom

In forests of the wilderness often lonely and forlorn 

Cooing and purring, buzzing of bees, and a goat horn

Skeletons of the dead are seen meant only to alarm

Fear not, traveling barefooted for miles and unharmed 

Where is faith of your journey that looks like mayhem 

You see the myst and the eerie forest as something that 

Will harm you dear fellows and country critters who are 

Simply amazing with wonderfully inspiring moments of 

Living poetry embracing all hills and green tender valleys 

Completely tackling the mazes of trials for the inspiration 

The games will end when you reach the cottage in the myst 

The beauty of the lush earth and of the wilderness gesture 

Will appear magically when you rest from the terrifying story 

Finding it was yours all along with all of the stress and turmoil 

The way of serenity and peace came when you entered a garden 

That you made when you passed the glades of the kingdom 

All along this was yours as you waved your intuitive wand

The next time around will be easier as you now understand 

The way of the myst and of the jungles are for conquering 

Now rest, put your feet up, and immensely enjoy freedom 

Your cottage has unveiled, now welcome home 

To your Garden of Eden 

Grabbing Heaven

The insatiable thirst to be gods annihilated mankind 

Devouring its fruit will prove the destruction of 

Had you stayed like the tribe of the Quechua people

Survival is probable for they tribute the animals 

Saluting the foods whose lives are stolen 

Feeling the pain of death of the preyed kingdom 

In humbled thankfulness they ingest the rations

Taking no trophies to boost their egos on mantels

Wearing a necklace to remind of spirits eaten

But man wants to be like God desiring apples 🍎 

In no reverence displayed glutenous appetites 

Robbing each other from backs of commoners 

Stepping over landscapes, waters and oceans 

Just craving power like vampires consuming 

Mouths with teeth bleeding selfish obscenity 

The rainforest dwindling as volcanoes erupt 

Frantically living, working to appease the gods

That god within that has no relationship nor 

Love for the hungriest appetites of mankind 

Images flash as the preacher jets to the Adam

Deceived by the APPLE found on certain products 

Swayed by the worshipping crowds who gather 

Bloodthirsty vampires grabbing empty pockets 

Stuffing bellies with the foods of ancient idols

No remorse taking the purse of grandmothers 

Carnivores and gluttonous thieves are present 

Living better than average and problematic dear 

Climbing up to the skies on tops of mountains 

Struggling to eat from the tree of knowledge 

Forgetting their manners unlike Quechua people

Who honor sprits of all that have fallen 

By the bloody thirsty hands of Adams APPLE 🍎 
BJ @2017 

Hibiscus 🌺 in The Air 

The warm air softly brushes the tops of trees

Moonlight soaks the lavender colors on walls

Shadows play a game on the palleted adobe

From the sidewalk someone stands whistling

Is this a dream or just an in between odd world

Are the images fighting or erotically dancing here

The whistling is the music of Ravel’s Bolero

The castanets click amorously as the men tap

I am amidst the passacaglia of Latin lovers

Hibiscus hang succulently from the window

The light of the moon touches the flowers

Odors from the Night Blooming Jasmine

Permeates the melodies and the sambas

Cats mewl keeping their lusts venomous

They’re part of the scene upon the walls

Displaying cat emotions and feline fickleness

Using the pillow coving my head dissonance

Go away that I should sleep in utter quietness

This is simply the imagination of a poetic soul

One who works by day selling the world

Silently by night becomes the explorer

Foreign exchange, queer happenstance

Hidden messages waiting within the bottles

So alluring, it seduces a heart of gypsies

By the fireside drinking red wine uncontrolled

The music fades as the embers die solemnly

The taps of men silence within the lights

The hibiscus odor no longer lingers on air

The cats sound no more as the moon hides

Shadows dissipate within the lights of sun rays

The alarm sounds so loudly my ears ache

Awake for morning has arrived at daybreak

The gypsies gone and their rhythmic castanets

Adjusting my tie for the eight o clock bell

No rest for the weary here

Living in hell O operator give me number 9

If he doesn’t answer then give me back my dime


Traveling By Night


Midnight and time moves even while sleeping 

Breathing is controlled by the mind and heart 

No worries ~ simply rest within easy rhythms 

In the twilight of shadows unfolds odd dreams 

Faces seem familiar and places are sublime 

The columns of The Parthenon stand not cold

Moving above the earth like a ghostly spirit 

This world appears friendly and is as a home 

This place between heaven and somewhere unknown

Gliding over tombstones awakening slumber

Wake up my friends Brigadoon is now open

The night is older and our time thus shorter 

The alarm will sound and moments departing 

Awaken please, oh my dearly former ~ tribe of brothers

Mother can you hear me and you my father dear?

Look I’m soaring around the temples of my souls tiers

Calling you to attention but you sleep instead 

We shall talk and laugh at this moment of truth 

Subjects of interest, please tell me all truth 

We’ll settle all arguments that set us apart 

Oh hear me, you who hibernate within the dark

I don’t travel nightly to the relics of your house 

Places call me and I surrender to their quest

Living parallel to a place where the sleeping roam

The dead aren’t citizens of the globe of the living 

No they’re awaiting eternal rest or a place of isolation 

Leave them convalescing before facing judgment 

And I shall return to the alarm sounding sunrise 

Respectful of they who who fear their actions 

Relying on tales whispered into consciousness 

Hoping the creator is truly the most merciful 

He who keeps no records of past transgressions 

“Be mindful.” the gatekeeper yells, as I fly 

One day you’ll be here be mindful of that!

Saluting the prophet with wild green eyes 

“Go home to your bed, leave the dead neigh!”

To the bed moments before the sun cast rays

Tossing and turning this way and that 

The resounding cacophony sat me upright 

Rubbing my face and yawning from drowsiness 

My feet hit the ground finding slippers hiding 

And dressed for a day of working with terminals 

Forgetting the columns of The Parthenon 

The coffins in darkness and fog of the moments 

Fifteen hours will pass before my ship launches 

Unto the kingdom of the traveling soldiers 

Passing the stratosphere of living existence

Into a place for pilgrims of astral projections

Goodnight my children and may safe journeys be yours

Into a spaceship called sleep visiting other worlds 
BJ 2017


Singularly sitting in quiet solitude 

Not expecting anything 

Swinging under the tree mid summer

The humidity hampered all but mosquitoes 

Just moving backwards and forth contemplating

The moment, the air, the silence, the sky, the sign

Wondering what was this lingering like a cloud 

The swirling gasses would surely be dismissed 

The meteorologist would give the definition 

But, I knew better than phenomenal rhetoric 

There it trickled down for over two hours 

Breathing was no longer natural and easy

But the thoughts of you were crystal clear

I don't own you nor do you have claims to me 

Possessions of people aren't bound by paper 

Freedoms are guaranteed by The Constitution 

So like the bird flies far from the fledging nest

I open my hands releasing my controlling quest 

The fowl with the broken wings took flight 

The horizon appeared hazy but the silhouette flew

Over the meadows and ore’ tops of trees, then from sight 

The moment was solemn reverence yearning for my maker

The one who answers questions and comforts mothers 

So we sat pondering the truths held within the signs 

We spoke on life and growing up and all that's so blind 

Releasing our idols, letting go of our alters, knowing sublime 

Life is funny 

The only thing pleasurable are the small signs

The butterflies wings

The cats eyes

The dog that licks the broken heart 

The horses nose that nuzzles love 

And God gave us love you see

Look at the signs 

The eyes of lost animals 

The orphaned child 

The elderly in wheelchairs 

The little wonders in the Buttercup 

The wind within the willows 

These are the signs of love sent to you and me

BJ @2017

Animals are Gods Gifts to Love and Appreciate 

The bird sat perched in a cage 

Plucking feathers from its body

The man caged the little creature 

Why are they so desiring to conquer?

Elephants are slaughtered by horrible monsters 

They who hang heads above their mantels 

Who laugh and cheer toasting their egos

Killing the animals of Gods kingdom 

Why do people think it's alright 

To boil the dog at a Chinese banquet 

Why do people think it's sane

To not thank the animals that give them game 

They who hunt grinning like hyenas 

Dusty roads and places hidden from others

Wham-bam! Shot threw the head

Slain, the wild cat lays dead ~ right there 

No worries though the killers believe 

It's head will hang high for all to see

The idiots who have done this horrible things

Should surrender their heads for display ~ it seems 

Steeling Gods blessings from his thrones 

Capturing the bird and stopping the songs 

Using the ivory, its stupidity, it's wrong 

Why do people think it's okay 

To not leave Gods gifts alone 

God forgive us for harming the animals so dear

And not being responsible for causing their tears

A dog cries when hurting you see

The elephant protects its baby's from we

Who are evil by serial nature

No better than a cat torturing its catch

Aren't we more humane than animals  

Honestly …

We're far from peaceful beings ~ 

Not divine at all ~ quietly uttered sadly