My Thoughts on The Orlando Massacre There are many flowers in Gods garden



The world without gay people would be a world where a species of Gods flowers never bloomed. Their glorious array of talents and colors, smiles and tears wouldn’t exist. The world would be dark


Why do we kill things we simply don’t understand? Why are we so fearful of the unknown? Just because we are clueless doesn’t give us the God given rights to destroy his creations…

I write a lot about killing snakes. Why? Because you fear the unknown You have associated the snake with evil… And, is it truly evil or is it a misconception? Something misconstrued?

Why do we kill the innocent?

Why do we hate other colors?

Why are we blinded to possibilities of goodness?



What if the roles were reversed?

What if heterosexual males and females were the targets of terror and social hate?


I am the mother of a “gay” adult child. You hurt my child, I will hurt yours....


Where does hatred end?