Dark clouds hung low that day as the gallows staged his fate. The crowd screams, “kill him! He must die!”
Her whisper arose from the yells as the procession passed. It wilted in her tears and was finally inaudible. But, she did not stop.
She cried, “please king, hear me. For’ I knew him when young. I raised him from a babe. I promise there is goodness in him. I promise. You see, he brought me flowers when he was wee. And, he said mommy these are for you. His sins are indeed treacherous, but as a little boy, he loved. Here, see, the flowers are pressed in my scrapbook.”  She holds the brown tinged dingy page up for the king. Her tears tell another tale about the accused. “I beg you king. Please, consider my son’s eternal fate. Please.”

The king did consider. He knew her love proved remarkable and her forgiveness beyond unfathomable mysteries and for this reason alone, the eternal fate was pardoned.

So, mother’s love is deeper, stronger and mightily forceful than any force to be measured against. God blessed her for her courage and fortitude.


The Fog By Bonnie Jennings Summer 2012 image

The damp cloud came while sleeping last night

Answering no invitation it rests

Vaguely it lingers until it wants

Dissipating in time; we wait…

Questioning, why did it come?

Science answers.

But, why did it come?

In darkness; found romancers.

Loneliness stabs my heart when come

And truths hidden arise like fog.

Here answers are, as I stand.

Now knowing; as planned.

It comes to take like Grim Reaper

Lives unsuspecting; for this I shudder

And on a byway blanketed dew

The unsuspecting meets the cue

After it’s claimed living possessions

Dissipating, evaporating it’s gone

Sun rays shine through the dank cloud

And life continues as before

Until the veils shroud again

The circle rolls once begun

Then, the fog’s web laced

But, until then; the river has embraced.

Author Notes The news came last night. Two dear friends, stand facing terminal illnesses. I’m reposting this poem. One of them died yesterday and it is grievous time for all, and mostly his family. To Dr. David Brown I have dedicated it to you. The world has never known a better psychiatrist than you… We lost a great man and an extremely kind man… RIP