Giving up WORRY for Lent. Harder than Food. UGH. Humour and God.



But God, I’m your chief worry wart.
Good name for it, “wart.”

Wart?  Wart… wart… ?

Hard, crusty, dead skin, and it just keeps coming back.

The vicious cycle of fret and hand wringing, and in 40 days of Lent it should be gone, BUT it’s perfectly comfortable in IT’S home (alien life form) and it really really really doesn’t want to be evicted. And, to add, once it’s sent packing to the grave yard, the victim has no idea on what to do without out it’s occupation and will more than likely, open the doggie door for the opportunistic parasite and it’s new friends to re-enter.

And, here we go again, the cycle of worry abuse begins again.
Yes, there are medications that void any personality the victim has or numbs them to the point they are rendered now a mummy.

Today, Monday morning, I will begin again my positive affirmations.
I will think on good things.
I will offer up worry and hand wringing, moment by moment. One-day at a time.
I will not marry someone to save me from this alien.
I will conquer on my own.
I am NOW an adult and WILL overcome.
I will achieve freedom.
I’m released from Egypt.
I enter The Promise Land.
It belongs to me.
This land that flows with milk and honey.
This land is mine God gave this land to me. (Sing together).

Thanking God for Mondays, Lent, deliverance from Egypt, worry, and freedom to be me…

Blessings, may you find your land flowing with milk and honey.


One thought on “Giving up WORRY for Lent. Harder than Food. UGH. Humour and God.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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