Dreams and Visions


The Passing
(This story was a dream that I had many years ago. It was a lucid dream and Thaddeus is my soul mate. Do we time travel during death or do we enter into a stage filled with socializing spirits? I’m not sure, but can speculate only. I do know that Thaddeus is real).

But what is going on?!?! Where am I? The huge red curtains opened and the hands waved me through the rain that was pouring heavily in front of me. I hesitated.
But the waves of hands and voices said, “Come on, go on through.”

I paused. Then ~ I had no choice but to walk through the rain curtain and that’s all it was, nothing more.
The deluge of water came from their tears. I looked back and saw people I vaguely remember.
I wanted to stay and look again, as if, I remembered them. They are so familiar, I question my thinking. Am I loosing my mind?
“No,” the voices and hands waved me from their vale of tears. They hurried me and by the time that ~ I stepped forward through that mess of water, I entered a stage. The lights were from out of the world that I left a few seconds ago. The brilliancy was extremely pleasant and the weather was eternal springtime.
“And, I made it.” And, into this beautiful place where many beings were standing and talking. I think, I know. They dressed in Togas., I asked Why?
I turned to look behind me, to see what troubled met. I hardly remembering the rain and the tears of some distant people ~ had all but forgotten, why?
Then, a man said, “It doesn’t matter dear. You’re home now.” He seemed kind and familiar. “You made it.” He smiled and I knew he was proud of me.

“You made it,” echoed in my mind. “Made what?” I asked myself.
“Home,” the man said. “You made it back.”
“I made it back? Home?” It’s all so confusing.Nethertheless (one who sends light to the outside world) ~ This is an oddly recognizable place.
An elderly woman smiled at me and for a moment I thought she was my grandmother, but she turned into a child who giggled and ran away.
Confused, I asked, where am I?
The little girl turned back and yelled, “Don’t sojourn the dead.” She waved and ran to play Red Rover with other children.
That is when, a gentleman took me by my arm and gently led me through the crowd of people who all turned to say, “Hello.” I greeted them with a nod. They were standing around sipping something. I held a pink parasol twirling it so lightly. I wore a fluffy laced dress with pantaloons. What year is this? I said, “Where am I?”
The man smiled and said, “You’re tired dear. The passage is tedious and takes a lot out of a soul. You must trust. You are safe. It will come to you in time. When you’re ready, you will know, then you will surely know where you are at.” What could I do but accept his explanation. We walked a while. Then I asked, “Where’s Thaddeus?” He smiled. I wondered what was so unusual about my question.
The man says, “Over there. You will find him on the outskirts. He plays cards down by the creek.” As I ran in that direction the man shouted, Be careful!, sometimes the other side is too close.”
I turned to acknowledge his advise, but in my heart I had to find Thaddeus. He said, “Too close?”

He utters, The Changelings. Be careful child.