Energy, Songs and Quarks


The vibrant waves of warm Sun rays glow on her face.
Squinting looks pass through the dark spaces.
Here plays the hiding quarks.
The fireworks of sparkling exploding particles meet.
In blackness the tiny bursting orbs illuminate the void.
The blind now see.
Perfect vision what is.
Monumental stands truth for one quarter of a flash.
Peace… peace…present.
A trillonth immeasurable moment.
The moles then surrounded in love.
The glue of God.
Encompassing, and reverberating.
One plus one now equals seven.
Synergistic, imaginative, harmony, delight.
All are one.
Yet each unique.
Individual notes.
All in a wink, a glance.
Celestial knowledge.
Our own music.
Harmony among discord.
The third energy.

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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