Fables For Jacob. Now, Mother’s Love Is….

Defining “mother’s love” is easily said or written on cards. However… It’s depths are un describable. It’s like this to Mimsi.

Mother’s love isn’t spoken or written so easily. No… It manifests in action. It loves when no other will. It goes to the depths of hell to bring home the lost. A mother’s love will slay the dragon’s accusations and defend their offspring without hesitations. She will equip her child with weapons of warfare, which truly, are not carnal for pulling down everything that raises an ugly head above God (Ep 6). She will teach how to string the bow and set the trap. She will teach integrity and teach sometimes causes are worth dying for. She will teach God’s ways are higher than ours. Her hands feed and comfort the beast. She tends to the bird with a broken wing. She places food outside her doorstep for the hungry. She keeps the night oil burning for her lost. She never loses hope. Her faith grows like a mighty sea. She calls things out, into being. She manifests the works of righteousness. She is a lifelong student of The Majestic. She follows the path he put before her and she yields, His way. She sets her fold on the right path. She sends the dogs to rescue them. She commands the dog and takes notes as the beast tells the story of Godly provisions. She is full of love. Wisdom adorns her like a robe. She wears it when she closes her eyes. Wisdom drapes her as she sleeps. She is a protected child of The Most High’s Service. She is simply known as a mother, but know beyond her smile and her arms are rubies, emeralds, diamond’s and jasper manuals for living your life. A good mother is trustworthy. One-day, she will close her door and declare her lessons finished. She brought everything she had to her table and she set the royal fruits before her children. Knowing, the lessons would later unfold, she trusted hope and faith and set them up for the sake of love.

You shall want to follow her as she closes her door. But, you cannot go with her, as this act will break physical laws governing future souls. You must open your door to lead the remaining flock. You must set your candle on the door seal as mother did. You must lead the way as she taught you, all too well. And, that light will guide your children just as mother’s did so sweetly. And, your arms grow weary as hers, but you take the position of great and mighty valiant warrior. You do this because as taught, well. You do this for the love and faith of God.

Many nights, I’ve run into the streets yelling, crying, “mama!” But, she answers only dimly in the reflection of the house windows and mirrors. Her reflection is but a moment. When I glance again, her vision dissipates in my desire to hold her frail hands, just one more time. All the bitterness we shared is forgotten. We are best friends as it has always been since the beginning. And you who have your warrior one more day, I am envious. If I could live one more day with her, then I would sit at her feet and listen. I would play her music and we would dance like warrior sisters. We would laugh and smile. She would bless me with her hands and I will turn and bless you, my world. Oh, but for one more day with her…just one more…. Frailty is merely human. Do not take for granted the love of your mother. She does her best.

The Pardon
Dark clouds hung low that day as the gallows staged his fate. The crowd screams, “kill him! He must die!”
Her whisper arose from the yells as the procession passed. It wilted in her tears and was finally inaudible. But, she did not stop.
She cried, “please king, hear me. For’ I knew him when young. I raised him from a babe. I promise there is goodness in him. I promise. You see, he brought me flowers when he was wee. And, he said mommy these are for you. His sins are indeed treacherous, but as a little boy, he loved. Here, see, the flowers are pressed in my scrapbook.”  She holds the brown tinged dingy page up for the king. Her tears tell another tale about the accused. “I beg you king. Please, consider my son’s eternal fate. Please.”

The king did consider. He knew her love proved remarkable and her forgiveness beyond unfathomable mysteries and for this reason alone, the eternal fate was pardoned.

So, mother’s love is deeper, stronger and mightily forceful than any force to be measured against. God blessed her for her courage and fortitude.

“Now abides these, faith, hope and love. But, the greater of these is love.”


1 Cor 13:13

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