Favorite Guided meditations and Youtube Videos

For peace

On Mother’s Day I remember my mom, Babe.

My mother, Babe
My mother, Babe

That Christmas, as I drove my mother to see the lights on neighborhood houses, this song played. She asked who sang it and what did it mean. I really didn’t know very much about the song except that it was beautifully comforting to my spirit. She began to cry. She has claimed that 50% of our DNA is of the American Indian and we have an ancestral link to Pocahontas, or her father, or her husband John Rolfe. We aren’t certain of the genetic link. I suspect it is John Rolfe. Anyway, when we were driving that cold December night in 2010, we were unaware that she had cancer and was actively dying. However, she must have known innately and when this song played, she became tearful. Then intuitively, I knew something was seriously wrong. I knew, she was ill and she probably had a short time left on Earth. Knowing this would be our last Christmas, and these lights would become our last light experience, I shed a tear too, but kept it to myself. So, each time this song plays,Yeha-Noha, I think of mom…

Sounds Recorded from space

Another favorite of mine. As we listen to powerful music we can gaze at the heavens and watch the constellations.

For laughter and peace when life goes awry

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Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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