A brilliant beam, a sunray of hope found in dark caverns
A desire to grasp just a tiny glance of all she has to offer
To want the beauty of the fawn suckling in the fresh tender meadow
To embrace the transformation of the cacoon to a butterfly
To love her but just for a moment is to have God love you
In return, for just a precious twinkle, In time
You will bloom with full petals colored in golds and pinks
And voices of angels sing accapella in complete perfected harmony
And at that instant, we understand grace.
Just because, He kissed her brow
He decided to bless her
He decided on her
Because she would give all the soul’s reserve
And find even more
She tires rarely offering His gift
She sometimes cries from burdens
But, He chose her
She will continue
Even, when it rains.



Elysia my daughter, age 21 year 2002.

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