Forest Man


Like a drug; I’m compelled.
An index finger points the way.
The path covered in vagueness.
Only trust leads my day.

The forest is my storybook.
Few paths I’ve known.
Some are smooth and uneventful.
Some are treacherously bare.

Once a lesson completes.
And a short respite occurs.
The forest fairies find me.
And, another adventure is assured.

My feet are weary from twists and stones.
Tripping along the way.
But nonetheless, the spirits find me.
And again, I’ve nothing to say,

Excuses are lame.
Whining creates more.
So, quietly I proceed.
Wandering, the magic roads of lore.


Passing through the brush.
Carrying my satchel of prayers.
Perhaps I’ll pass a man.
A man who relinquishes terrors.

And I’ll look for him in the forest.
There, pray he shall find me.
Illuminate, our eyes will sparkle.
Then, my spirit shall be set free.


Bonnie Jennings
July 2013

34 thoughts on “Forest Man

    1. The photos were taken separately. The trees pics are of the forest in my mother’s backyard. They were the closest to what I could find of my own pics to use with the poem… But, thanks for noticing. Thanks for the drop in, come anytime.

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  1. “…My feet are weary from twists and stones.
    Tripping along the way.
    But nonetheless, the spirits find me.
    And again, I’ve nothing to say.”

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    1. Thank you for commenting as it is rare when as visitor stops to chat. So, thanks! As far as feeling free, I think I was in a contemplative free state. O I’m thrilled that you gave this a thought. Stop by any time… Smiles

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    1. Thank you for your note on my poem Forest Man. Many of my poems are inside or out of the forest which has momentous symbolism.

      I may have read some of your forest poems as on WordPress someone else also writes on trees, forest and similar.

      I will check yours out. Thanks for stopping by to chat.

      Enjoyes your visit.

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  2. Bonnie,
    This is beautiful. I could feel the emotion, smell the pines, and feel the crinkling and crunching underfoot. I could also feel being led down that winding trail, wondering, yet trusting all the while that it would all be okay in the end. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I do appreciate your visit today and hope you’ll come visit often!

      I would love to visit you as well…’

      Have a grey day as you’ve made mine much better. Thank you.


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  3. Thank you psychogistmimi… My childhood backyard. Lights in the trees, though the sun set in the opposite direction, these lights appeared seeming to hang amid the tree trunks. Awed by them, I took pictures..

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  4. I greatly appreciate both your images and poetry here. Well done.

    I also want to say a belated “thank you” to you for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when people read what I’ve written.

    While I write primarily about faith and mental illness, I’m known to dabble in other subjects and stories and even try my hand at the odd poem. If you have any requests, please let me know.

    Tony Roberts


    1. This note is a thank you for visiting my site and commenting… I will look forward to reading your page. I’m somewhat shy when it comes to commenting, even though, I read others posts…
      Again, thank you, very much appreciated.

      Bonnie J

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