Heavenly Songs While Sleeping

Last night, when deeply sleeping, I’m awakened for a moment.
Surrounding me, through me, above me, near me were beautiful vibrant voices.
“What is this?” I asked. “What am I hearing?”

“Listen,” said he. “What is it?” He was so pleased with their demonstration of love.
And, they surrounded me singing to me, loving me, uplifting me, encouraging me,
blessing me, heralding me, and visiting letting me know they came from God, for
a moment. My moment.

Now the music was unlike any I’d heard. It was Accapella and it was perfect (virbonic),
my word, and totally encompassed me. Wrapping me in these vibrating tones they are all
different, all connected and comforting and all gifted me in such everlasting joy. Eternally
singing. The woman, angel, on the end of the choir was smiling. She exuberant
And full of tones, melodies and smiles to me was wearing a choir robe, like the other singers.
There were maybe 10 or 15 at the most. I didn’t recognize anyone, but they knew who I am.

The tones, vibrations were a covering. A blessing from heaven.

I fell into a deeper sleep. I knew they were there for me. I so wish that I stayed awake.

But, it’s okay. There will be a next time, of a different kind.

This season of lent and coming Easter will prove to be more bountiful than any other. This year, 2013 is dynamic in the fact that more people will come to know Yeshua, Jesus, more than any other time.

For Jesus loves me this I know,
For The Bible
Tells me so….


Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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