If I Were God

If I Were God
Fables For Jacob poetry series
By Bojenn


If I were god the world would be a game. 
Because, I don’t have a “CLUE” about big “Monopoly.” 
And, “A Barrel of Monkey’s” play here. 
You see, “Magilla Gorilla” is our king. 
And a trip to “Mother Goose” is regularly scheduled. 
And, “The Happy Little Train” of “Overachievers” transport us. 
We get Lost in “The Mousetrap Game.” 
We MUST take a “RISK.” Consulting; “The Ouija.” 
Suddenly! “Illya Kuryakin, Man From U.N.C.L.E,” mysteriously appears. 
A “Card Game” determines the winner.
Uh Oh… “Sorry,” we lost “The $.” 
Even though, we “Played Our Hunch.” 
“Ruff and Ready,” did help us.
Then sadly, “The Civil War” was Fought. 
Spitefully, “Howdy Doody,” gave us “Cooties’.” 
Finally ~ using “Strategy” ~ we’re at the “Chutes and Ladders.” 
We slide into “The Disney Land Game.”
~all tuckered out. 
We eat “Apples to Apples.” 
And rest “Under The Haystack Fast Asleep.” 
So, if I were god? 
God would be spelled with a little g. 
And my world certainly would resemble “Candy Land.” 
Where Sugar Plum Faeries, magical living, and only imaginative children live… 
If I were god… 

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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