Life, a roll of die?


A traveling ghost from a past
Stopped to catch a life of chance

Something grabbed it
As if to say

Come and dance
With me and stay

For awhile
An adventure or dare

The die thrown
Though, hoping on

A birthday blessed
And a crown

But rags optioned
Part of the win

Contracting to ride it
To the end

Maybe a wild horse
Untaimed or unstrained

Maybe a golden porche
Leather seats instead

A beautiful mother
Makes beans and rice

Or daddy’s royal nose
That sniffs royal ass

All blessings
The ghost agreed

Contracting carefully
Yielding on knee

Gritting its teeth
Once the die comes to rest

And the roulette table will stop
When it comes to a game of craps.


Bojenn The King of Clubs

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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