An Odd Holloweed Poem

T’waz an evening totally crispy and warm

A dazzling crystal raindrop landed unharmed

And crossed-eyez focused on my noze

Saw it shimmering as if it were all … goldz

Quickly melted before my mind saw

The meaning in this crystallized drop unthawed

Witnessed a message there just for me

“An odd Holloweed Night” to raise glee

Making words bend and mean other things

Incantations religious and melodiously sang

Resounding vibrations bounced off walls

My hands to ears, as my skin crawls!

“Old Poe, my dearest eldest friend.”

Who recited poetry that recently was penned

A bottle of whiskey and a cigarette of weeds

All in the night that I worship thee, you see…

As the black bird taunted your soul

Caused you to yell out for your “Eleanor” it’s told

The ravin bird of mystical earths underworld

Sent you to hell and back there into the netherworld

And here we are today before Al Holloweed Eve

Living life as if nothingness exists and thus deceived

Blind and deaf with one-hundred percent usage

But, oddly can’t see nor hear

Awe, yes, where am I … looking at my nose

For a raindrop crystal formed and froze

The twinkles dimmed from a moment of enlightenment

The nights passed Poe and Halloweed excitement

And another years passes until it comes again

Bringing the magical 🧙‍♀️ witchcraft to the left brain

Until then, we sleep like Brigadoon

A hundred years to awaken these wee fishermen

Nite nite

BoJenn @bojenn

My backyard converted into graphic art

Just A Day

Within the place where dragons doze while snoring

Stepping gently between claws and dragon appendages

Examining the beasts and any somnolent advantages

Eyes catching movements from their slumbering four helices

Thus embarking across the garden of their webbed den

Thankfully passing by, unnoticed by the dangerous kin

One step be rescued and past their treacherous plan

Almost made it when one glanced upon shacking hands

Frozen in mid air, body forked, all tangled in complete despair

The creature still dreaming and lazily comprehending

Noticed not any careless body or movements dangling

Just one step onto the slime within the morning sunlight

Into the light, I passed, without any trace of fumbling

Freedom from dragons, this day, as breathing normally

Slaying any fears, of beasts, that try to encumber

Sword in hand, passing forward, pressing into

The game of life and all that must be gone through

A time of solace, a time of reverence, and a time of gratitude

@BoJenn 2018

The Angel Miniel

We ask Angel Miniel to induce love of humans and animals

Miniel so rare the majestic sights of you
That here you are when so needed
Spreading love to man and puppies
Blowing love orbs amongst the brethren

And was my wish granted to see your face
To see you in action all over the place
Is there something that I should do?
Oh my … I’ll watch, so please, give me clues

I won’t get in your way
I promise this to you
Kindly tell me what I am to do
You smile as if to say,
“Just ask me, for I’ll quicken the stay.”
She winked and then departed with glee
A lesson learned from Miniel ~ to me

@Bojenn 2018
Picture from A Poets Haven


Quietly Passing

Quietly Passing

Chuckled, the muse of delight

A Pecan orchard had wandering paths

Lost in the myriad of thoughts on love

The Moon so full on that eve

Led to where a few longings be

Whilst Jasmine captured memories

Tumbling at night under the trees

Tangled auburn hair and yours’ black

Groped together there under stars

The horned owl watched in questioning shock

Embracing as one along time ago

The aroma of peaches tossed to and fro

Walked quietly, my bare feet met strath

The Jasmine asked, would I come back?

I don’t know, I replied, and that was that

The Pecan branches blew so soft

The Moon lit the meandering path

I wondered then what life might bring

Would I ever find this way again

Saying goodbye to the orchard at eighteen

Have not traveled that path joined with any hand

But, aromatic memories so fond still permeate

The memories of youthful passionate quests

@BoJenn 2016

The News Media Sinks America 

Hatred hasn’t ever depicted beautiful eyes

Lurking within mankind prays it dies 

Seeing no radiance within that flower 

Useless energies are pearls under hogs

The swine of devils merely befogs

Don’t be deceived they’ll embrace bouquets 

Stand away and see havoc ablaze 

Think not to tame the demons 

Thank God who set you freeman 

Get away, they inhabit innocent naives 

Backs against wind away from slaves

Walk towards the sun vastly assured 

The chains won’t tackle you unsecured 

Bullets darting everywhere can’t be hung 

Run away little innocent flower children 

Naiveté of hellhounds and snorting minions 

Fast on the tracks of virginity 

Sleep soundly and quietly in safety 

Let the hellish depravity kill itself 

Now rest your head in mamas lap

Hush little baby don’t you cry


People who yell, “Bigot.” 

Exaggerating words explicitly used by the news media 

Ignites a war amongst the overpopulated civilians 

They succeed in their cause for havoc and death of minions 

Dusting dirt from their hands retreating to their kingdoms 

Goodnight world!

Job done! The smiling half of the humankind lay not waisted 

However under red dirt and clay lay neighbors and brothers 

The lady sank because of the disdainful verbiage from the country’s news media 

It takes no blame and justifies its actions without shame 

2017 @Bojenn