Oh To Be Satisfied 

Movements of air lightning and thunder overhead

Sleepy thoughts meander in and out of my twilight

Praying for fall to arrive soon with cool crisp weather

But when winters nears the threshold, I pray for summer

Springtime and rains, tornadoes and flowering pollens

Sneezing and stuffiness, headaches with El Elyons beauty

Then I pray for Fall as Spring exits closing the wilting flowers

But Summer and Winter can embrace each other’s arses

Lingering sweltering cold chilly hot dramatic overrated kisses

Though I shall not voyeur their hellish avid showy gyrations

Wishing they’d both fornicate and please dear God get it over

Fifteen minutes of banging, not earthshaking, better unsaid

Get it over dammit and bring on the freshness of Autumn’s bests

Open the windows and the doors, light the trees, and campfires

Devour candy and hot soups; however, i’ll miss cold watermelons

Why aren’t we satisfied to live within a single moment

To experience the now with gratitude and appreciation

Not looking behind, nor hoping for a future moment

When all that is promised is the last breath taken

Looking at summer and the heat a gift to remember

The starkness of barren trees, grey gloomy weather

Times made for a good reason of that season

Not sure what it is unless boating and skiing

But the butterflies are magical and magnificent

So are the red birds that sit on the icy fence

But the moment is now

The past gone

The future


The time

Is now

2017 @BJ