Pologue of Elizabeth Catherine Dubois


The narrator enters the stage.

“Hello, my name is Gail Tadhg Harding. I am the narrator and I am Eleanor Harding’s friend and loyal companion to the little black dog, His Glove. You might see me play bit parts such as the delivery man or rescue driver. But besides the introduction,  I invite you to join us in the story of Elizabeth Catherine Dubois. So, welcome come in and sit awhile.”

“When haunting memories keep one from living, then perhaps, the help of a “Fairy Godmother/angel,” archetype is needed. Elizabeth Catherine Dubois is rescued from a dark existence caused by a past of sorrow.  An older woman, “Eleanor” who is eccentric at times, but is steeped in English charm uses old magic (the scriptures) to guide and direct “Beth.” The story uses The Holy Bible to fight the demons of Hatred, Self loathing, Fear, Blame and others. It also uses imagination that is fun and creative to fight these creatures within humans which stop living from day to day.  Specially brought to this story is the little black dog, “His Glove,” or “Lovie,”  which symbolically represents, The Holy Spirit. His Glove came to heal the wounded warrior Elizabeth Catherine Dubois also know as Beth.

“I Hope you will enjoy this book and find delight, magic and a simple knowledge of the works of The Holy Spirit within the  story of Elizabeth Catherine Dubois.”

“A special thank you to Elysia Warne Elrod for the picture where she plays Elizabeth Catherine Dubois.

“So, please, brew a pot of Lilac tea and cozy yourself into your whimsical chair and enjoy the characters, Elizabeth, Eleanor and His Glove as they bring you into the magic of God’s love, His redemption, His war and His gracious mercy… “

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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