Quarks and Atoms


Similar to a galaxy spinning in time
Measures and degrees relations to physics
Worlds and molecules and atoms be
Thicker, heavier, denser or sparse
Spinning in their community on a coarse
United by their gravity and specific force
Ignoring mankind as it flows in unison
Though truly mankind rarely notices
Tiny quarks and black space not hidden
Just so small, but significantly living
Wildly busy and holding prayers
The littlest places, but no one cares
But in the tunnels black between quarks
The energy moves vibrating this heaven
The space between iron and chemical seven
Make a place that causen weights to levin
Billions and trillions of atoms maybe
Your eyes, so that you can see
A world of beauty beyond this place
A world of atoms of molecules and me

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Doodles by me

Inspiration of the Weird Kind


Inspiring places…


Some people must go to a cabin in the woods to be inspired to write

There are some who like mountain tops or large, loud, bustling cities

Places where the foods are exotic inspire Andrew Zimmern

But oddly, the best way to inspire me is to make me clean grout.


It’s called. “Let Me Escape! This floor is cold, dirty, filthy, disgusting and I’m sitting on it! 


Escapism 🙂 by writing … Stories are a terrible thing to waste.


“The Fetus”

The Fetus

“The fetus and/or discarded tissue” is the way, they refer to the child, I never knew.
A fight to protect a grown woman right’s is predominate over the right’s of you.
Big business, clear throat, the governments claims are like talons
They use the media to promote their “caring valors.”
While, in fact, my babies tissue it seems
Was used in cosmetics and that was beyond my wildest dreams
“We’re just experimenting for the good of mankind,”
Their lame excuses sicken me, I suppose, they knew, I was blind.
To the fact that my babies tissues brought monetary and scientific foresight
Is beyond this humans understanding and is societies plight
For what will we be when it comes to mankind?
Throw away babies for the sake of the dying?
Are we so greedy and grab at our demising time left
That we forfeit the right’s of the young, through theft?
There’s no more to say at this moment
Except my heart has broken each Christmas morning
Missing two faces, whose hands are gone
Into someone’s hair treatment and a bottle of pretentious Perignon
***There is no picture that I found suitable so one was chosen at random.

Skulls at Choeung Ek

Day 8 … Infinity


“And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Hebrews 9:27

Forty-five tears ago after reading this text and while involved in my prayer, I asked God (then), OK, if we are appointed to die once (The final judgement) how many times are we appointed to live, before that final judgement? 

His response was felt in my heart as it seemed to vibrate with heavenly quivering and I knew that I was on to something and He was applauding my reasoning and deductions. Keep asking questions, don’t assume anything. Not all, is in black or white. I created the black matter, as well as, the grey. 

Day 4. The World Overflows With Delilah’s’ (Manipulation and control)

Day 4. The World Overflows With Delilah’s’ (Manipulation and control)

“Delilah says to Samson, you have made a fool of me  (the controller), you lied to me (the manipulator. She probably had big tears then), tell me how I can bind you? (the sadist manipulator speaks again).”

Judges 16:10

Now Delilah listens intently as Samson (was made to feel and accepted the manipulation as truth) tells her how he can be bound….

* Note: “Was made to feel,” forcing feelings on others is the same principle as slight of hand, or chicanery is to a magician. Similar to the shopping networks sales people’s pitch … You, just have to have one or two, darling!

Samson STOP! ~ But, he doesn’t, and this made all the difference in their world at that time…

The world overflows with Delilah’s….

The Watchers

The good news is there are Mary’s in our world, as well. Samson was probably a Mary…

One last point, Mary’s will defend themselves when placed in a corner… Like Samson, they are capable of knocking down fortresses… (passive/aggressive) 🙂

Star Children (TEST) By drboylan.com/starkididqstnr.html