Day 26

Day 26, 2 + 6 = 8 and 8 is infinity, godlike, it stands alone, isolated, superior, starlike, right, it is; because it’s so, The number 8 is eternal, it has a never ending light, it is the source of light and perhaps The Shikinnah Glory… I’m not 100% certain, but I highly suspect that it is, that light and is an independent quality of Gods. However, The Infinity or 8 would not be so illumines without the other numbers or qualities. No one would notice the 8’s starlike beams and so therefore, it would not be noticed by man or animal….

And, if it were not noticed would the 8 be as important? I suppose the 8 would be important to God, as he has The Shikinnah Glory surrounding him at all times. Or, is the glory or light actually God’s light and not separate of itself? Perhaps, 8’s and 26’s are God’s light and are no light into themselves? Perhaps, they are and extension of God’s, that beams from him?

The implications are huge. Does God have a poor side, does He possess an average personification, does He own a humorous side and can we say each numerical value represent a part of our creator?

The life circle. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci
The life circle. The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci

So, when we take a look ate the fabric of God’s couldn’t we say that every mineral, every liquid, every solid, every rock and every living being from amoeba to Kingdom animal from human, to horse, elephant, dog or cat (et al, creatures plants and so forth) are God’s personification, His being, His life and so forth and 26’s or 8’s are His lights?

Awe… so, much to think about. There is an infinity (8) of possibilities… And, this above is a small bit of information.