The Moon’s Invitation


A diffusion of The Moon’s beams permeated my sleeping room.

It surrounded my shades and light cast brilliant energy awakening me.

Three in the morning, but I arise and stumble to the invitation to come and see.

Up from slumbering within my warm covers, to the coffee maker, oh, just a cup.

Leaving from inside, and going out, the moon’s rays cover the sky.

The stars now hidden, upstaged by The Moon, it was simply ~

The Moon “simply” lucidly wanted to play.

Oh, how lovely you are …

Now, may I go back to sleep? 

According To My Mother, I was Little Miss Sunbeam


Me Bonnie Gay Jennings 1958 




This picture was taken in the 1950’s. And,according to my late mother I was Little Miss Sunbeam. However, the research said not so, it was another young girl in the 1950’s.


“Answer (says this)

The first Sunbeam bread girl was Patty Michaels. She was chosen in the 1950s and portrayed Little Miss Sunbeam for a few years before leaving. The company began holding contests with winners representing different regions of the US.”
I compared the 2 pictures of Patty Michaels and myself when we were both about 4 years of age.
 Patty Michaels


The bottom line…. All this is trivial and doesn’t amount to ‘a hill of beans,’ but is probably only interesting to me.

Anyway ~ May the Sun beam warm rays on your buttered 12 grain bread today.


Many on this post also claim to be or know the real Little Miss Sunbeam. Oh who truly knows, but we do know cell phones didn’t occupy our psyches. People did.