The Elderly Woman

I nursed an elderly women,
who truly… nursed me.
Her eyes shown love
and, oh so blue,
as, a Heavenly sea.
Her frail body, and a failing heart, though, declared Earthly weak,

This heart shall not be stopped.So…

Shout it out to hell!
And may it be well known!

This frail little lady is a warrior, a soldier, and a saint…
And I’m certain the devil heavily moans.

So, tending to her physical needs
she, really, attended me.
Her vital signs taken
and comfort was met.
Then…unfortunate for me…

I stood to say goodbye, “Sweet one,”
The time has come to leave.
But, before departing, whispered,”May I hold you child

and bless you as you have done to me?”

Then a tear shared between,
And hating going from her
but the day moving forward and simply…
There are others I had to see

However, knowing…God touched my soul
on a busy day
even a day at work

A reminder; magnificent! And only I knew so …

That, an elderly women so frail
but, ever so strong in her soul
gave a gift of love, of our savior
and advice to “always be strong.”

And, her prayer for me greater
then my job which had to be done

So…Slowly driving away…I knew, …
My God had touched me greatly today
And perhaps, the elderly women
was the gift of His love and ye
Be delivered by an angel
A message For me!

To…”always be strong…and always pray”
For angels come as elderly women
even on an average day

Love God to Bonnie Jennings 11/29/2011

My mother had just passed forward May 2011

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My mother, Babe

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