Poetess Synda Payne Burton: Recognizing Synda’s Artistry

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Today, I want to introduce to you a fellow poetess by the name of Synda Payne Burton. It was on a FB poetry writing group A Poet’s Haven that I became familiar with Synda and her poetry. We kind of played the poetry game of writing off each other a couple of times. 

Synda, I must tell you and others this little tidbit, and I didn’t know this until I read your bio, that you are a registered nurse and so am I. Perhaps that is our connection? Synda is a tender, intuitive poetic writer. 

So, now I give to all of you, Synda…. Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of having you as my guest this morning. 



Hi! My name is Synda (pronounced Sin-duh…not a nick name) Payne Burton..

How does one introduce themselves, in a paragraph…I have in the past, as a child writing a letter in a classroom, but that was only to become someone’s pen pal. I have thence become an adult and have written resumes for job opportunities. In short, I am a retired registered nurse/certified nurse midwife. I have been married for 44 years. I have three grown daughters and 8 grandchildren. I have live in Fishers, Indiana  for the past 14 years. My husband and I are originally from Kansas, where we worked most of our adult life. 



While I was going to school and even into my adult life…poetry or writing it, was never my thing…I loved other forms of creative art. Perhaps it was because I really never understood it. We read poetry in literature class and often I wondered what the poet was saying…I now, believe I know. I started writing poetry or little jingles for my morning posts on Facebook in 2009…it was what I called passing time while I drank my coffee and waited for my granddaughter to arrive. It eventually grew into verses of ABAB poetry. My inspiration at times comes from photos…what I see and feel…or if something strikes a nerve…a word…an incident. Many of my photos come from a dear friend that is a photographer, her name is Ruby Karmann. Poetry, now has become a morning routine…I drink my coffee…listen to the morning news and write at least one…sometimes as many as three poems. Then, there are days, I don’t write anything. And that is how I came to write….


Photograph by Ruby Karnann

Synda’s Poem:


One…picture can paint a thousand words…
But words describe… what one cannot see…
Which at times are not captured…left unheard…
Untold…to those that are blind or are absentee…

A…photo at times does not captivate…feelings…
Those innermost thoughts that are within one’s mind…
Nor can a writer describe your physical image, in being…
One has to see a person…to be well defined…

A snapshot can only grasp a mere moment…in time…
To enamor…or accomplish what was intended to enchant…
As a second or two later may be too late in the next frame…to chime,
That perfect pitch…tone in color…to clinch the beauty for it to chant…

While a picture can paint a thousand words for a writer to write…one has to be there to get the total picture…to witness the true beauty that is often just visualized only in a painting…

~Synda Payne Burton

With Ruby Tuesday Creations/Photography

 ©2016 Synda Payne Burton. All Rights Reserved. 




I hope you have enjoyed reading Synda’s bio, her poetry, and have experienced her artistry, as well. To find Synda on FB you might visit her at Alan Boles’ poetry page called: A Poet’s Haven

@  https://www.facebook.com/groups/313544755508623/

Thank you Synda for sharing with us, yourself. 



Thank all of you for visiting this blog today and may you create poetry or art or whatever your creative outlet is today and forever…Happy blogging! 

The Elderly Woman

I nursed an elderly women,
who truly… nursed me.
Her eyes shown love
and, oh so blue,
as, a Heavenly sea.
Her frail body, and a failing heart, though, declared Earthly weak,

This heart shall not be stopped.So…

Shout it out to hell!
And may it be well known!

This frail little lady is a warrior, a soldier, and a saint…
And I’m certain the devil heavily moans.

So, tending to her physical needs
she, really, attended me.
Her vital signs taken
and comfort was met.
Then…unfortunate for me…

I stood to say goodbye, “Sweet one,”
The time has come to leave.
But, before departing, whispered,”May I hold you child

and bless you as you have done to me?”

Then a tear shared between,
And hating going from her
but the day moving forward and simply…
There are others I had to see

However, knowing…God touched my soul
on a busy day
even a day at work

A reminder; magnificent! And only I knew so …

That, an elderly women so frail
but, ever so strong in her soul
gave a gift of love, of our savior
and advice to “always be strong.”

And, her prayer for me greater
then my job which had to be done

So…Slowly driving away…I knew, …
My God had touched me greatly today
And perhaps, the elderly women
was the gift of His love and ye
Be delivered by an angel
A message For me!

To…”always be strong…and always pray”
For angels come as elderly women
even on an average day

Love God to Bonnie Jennings 11/29/2011

My mother had just passed forward May 2011

Thoughts about Babe

My mother, Babe
My mother, Babe

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