A Poem For Robert Ray: NDE observations

Robert Ray, I had you in mind when I wrote this. Something we talked about. Hope you enjoy this.

Once upon a Time

A garden of many species of living things were flourishing.
There was mostly peace, yet suffering from about, was observed.
A blueish vibrant covering from an atmosphere suspended.
Waves of oxygen and waters painted the canvas of imagination.
Birth, life, and death marked these dim timelines.
More than one line of living highlighted, the long origins, of the gardens.
‘Twas a gift given, testing the living, to honestly see.
Intelligence, bigotry, wars, crimes and loves would adorn souls.
Proudly standing erect, gloating wealth, their truths unfolded.
Killing the innocent, when craving hungers, was devilishly bold.
Guides, watched from afar, not wanting to step onto the garden’s workers.
Are we useful and good and honestly worthy to have gold… hmm?
Do we present ourselves, as gods everyday… dare we enquire?
What is man to god, and god to man, am asking, truly, humbly afraid.
Standing, beside our works and thoughts, our plans and the goals.
Wonder, would this be enough, to show them, all of our love?
I mean, the animals who love us, despite our wants of eyelashes long?
The meat on our plates, without saying thank you … is what a shame.
Children starving, wearing dirty diapers, just … somewhere else.
Men saying vulgarities, of women’s private parts, in vein manners.
Women marrying without love, for the sake, of her shopping.
Children playing with guns, knives and bayonets, are frightening.
And hunger and thirst, without bread, on a barren wobbling table.
And the sky above the garden still looks apparently, lovely.
To one who is safe and rightfully pleasant, in the weeds, of the garden.
And the hare nibbles the carrots 🥕 on sunny days, while watching others.
Nothing is safe under the stars ✨ of the living lab 🔬 within the estate.
Watch your back, you have no friends, when the government plunges.
Yet they scout, from up above, seeing any innocents.
Waiting, for the day, wiping their arms, over the sand pile.
Starting new, starting fresh with AI, instead of the breathing.
And the fetology fertilization was thrown, into the fires 🔥.
The humans created, for them, artificial intelligence.
Despite the knowledge, that all was lost, under the bluish covering.
And all was well, once again, in the timeline, of earths living.
And the blue bird 🐦 still sings, well into the mornings.
The AI only cares because, it was told to do so.
And the monkeys were freed, from all the circuses.
The lions 🦁 and tigers ran untamed again, in the jungles.
The whales 🐋 swam unworried, about perfumed blubber.

The human invention was laid to rest, outside the garden.

And peace was sung, in the gardens, of earths loving blessings.


The Little Lives of Clouds

The feathered white pheasant’s tail was broken yet she flew anyway

And on the horizon swooping low was the mouth of the dragon

Yelling and pointing, “Go South!” Pleasant friend rigorously showing the way

Yet smoother than vanilla ice cream drifted the angel fairies just enjoying the day

All is well by the looks of the spectacular blue skies! What humans think 🤔

And the people in the clouds roll their eyes in utter quandary at thoughts of beings

A sigh is heard from the leader. Pausing breathes and pulses from the cloud kingdom

Just waiting for the Moon 🌚 and not being seen to loudly or heard silently, but dreaming realities of Tolkien an TS Eliot

Can’t wait to show Jacob about this world above our heads and inside our hearts that leaves one day when we become mankind.

I love you Jacob… Mimsi Never loose your imagination

Influencing Verbiage

Influencing Verbiage

Weaving awkward words unbelievably infiltrated by a source
Who has bent reasonable human consciousness and time
Organizing underneath hidden conversations of the elite
Dictating to mankind frightening beliefs of death and scheol
Creating fear and hatred, and intolerance by falsifying lies
Freedoms eliminated; intelligence dissipated; imaginations empty
Colliding human beings, bending core character, remains nothingness
Grievances uninhabitable; the loneliness of the angelic godhead sits
Found are words that bend ears into manifestation matrix ideologies 
Their pat verbiage we’ve acutely hypnotized and weaved like experts
Awaken to your own thoughts that were given to you so graciously
To hold them as yours and shan’t ever change a thing eternally 
Your being is your gift; do not give it away; as you’re not a whore 
Now stay where you’re at. Don’t move and eat only the finest fruit 
Stay far from repeating their verbiage that binds you eternally 
Speak you, and only you, and do it in love, for the Matrix will vaporize 
Do not judge the fallen, but turn from that universe, and offer your hands
It’s not a place for survival. No. 
The terrain is rugged and the waves are ferocious. 
Learning to swim is mandatory for survival.
However the atmosphere is compelling me to open my wings and fly from the verbiage and voices of earth. 
I must accomplish this 
One task at a time 
One goal


BoJenn @December 13, 2018

The Winner’s of The Poetry Contest Are 📢📢📢 A Drum Roll Please 🏆🏆🏆


First of all~ I want to thank the three judges who graciously accepted this role. It has been tedious and also rewarding for each of us. Also I must mention, at this time, they still remain anonymous. 

As I said before, my role was the organizer, the sorter and the mailman. Blame me for the formatting… It just doesn’t want to do right…  🙂

So without further delay…






🏆🥇 First Place Gold Winner Is …

 All I Have to GiveBy DL Mullan

I listen to the whispers of the windin hopes to catch the sound of youmy sorrow is all I have to givebecause there is nothing I can doI am not complete; I am not wholewhat I would ask is for solaceto lighten the load of my soulbut I find no peace in this silenceI am breaking now into piecesa fallen jig saw puzzle reordered into chaosI fit. I place. I try and try to seizea memory that will comfort meAll I have to give seems insufficientto the weight of my terrible griefmaybe if your voice guided my handI could put myself back together again  




 🜛🥈 Silver Place Winner

 ~~~ ABOUT MY MUM ~~~By, Charlotte Rains 

I want to begin my story with just a simple line
To begin again to tell a tale of a different place and time
A time when I was just a lass with curls and a pretty dress
Bringing smiles and laughter too and a lot of happiness
I often sought to please my mum and have her sing a song
A happy tune with words I knew so I could sing along
I sought her often to tell me tales of back when she was small
But often got a fairy tale…but I enjoyed them all
She’d tuck me in with kisses and hugs after the tale was read
I’d call her back for one more hug before she went to bed
Once I asked about my da but it seemed to make her sad
I saw a tear fall from her eye and thought that I’d been bad
But then she hugged me extra tight and whispered in my ear
That everything she could ever want was in her arms right here
We smiled and laughed and I fell asleep knowing I was loved
And even now my children know she watches from above




There is a tie for The Bronze place.

The next two poems were recognized by two different judges and were their first place winners. 



 > > And The 𐂚 🥉Bronze Place medal goes to…TWO POETS and they are…

Drum roll please…. !

Written by Jelly Beer 
Books scattered on the sand, pages leafed through and tattered, possibly for research, an antique Smith-Corona left on the table maybe in haste by the author seeking inspiration from his surroundings to pen a longed-for best seller for himself and the masses.Writer’s block had reared its ugly head! Thoughts and ideas were dead inside him. He needed to breathe again and clear out the cobwebs clouding his brain.It’s happened before. He knew there’s one more book inside him. He was instinctive. He’ll find his way back to the table ~ and type!

And the second Bronze Winner is ….. 





by Gina Hirsch


I have come too close to the flames to ever want to miss out on the burn.I’ve lingered so long next to the night, I hate when it is the days turn.The day comes beckoning underneath  an angry sky. Clouds dance marvelously as the moon steps in to eclipse them all.I miss the blue heat. The wind that slowly tries to snuff it out. I loved and longed beyond all hope to tempt it all back to my claim. A rushing rapture of love.A course of venom from a lovers lips; who’s tongue is the only antidote. Who’s touch is my religion. Who’s arms and shoulders my only sanctuary.But the day took over the night.And passion and kisses and antidotes to hearts gilded wishes have all passed away.All that is left here is old ghosts and former images that fail to fade.Phantom shadows of the lover who never comes to stoke the flames.      The Honorable Mentions are those poems that were the judges high ranking choices and they are as follows…

🏆Morning Jennie,By Dwayne Leon Rankin 

The Final Leaf of Autumn
I looked and saw the leaves had left The trees, now fallen to the ground. But for one, still hanging on.But then the winds all blew and blew, Blowing all those leaves around. That leaf then too was gone.I looked outside and saw the trees All empty of their autumn’s coat; Bare now for winter’s day.To sleep, to sleep those trees now go That leaf, the last of autumn’s note.No more its song to play.




 The Loch of Lomond

By Vernon Woods


Oh to be by the loch of Lomond on the heather clad banks on a cold misty morning a grounded eagle does mew from her diminished view she will have to wait it out and then the thunder and lightening and then the cloud as is resonates its echoes like a tennis ball against the rocky top mountains now naked from there snowy gowns I hear the distant lowings’ of a herd of Angus down in a fen let out of their barn yet again churning up the mud disturbing a clucking hen who now seeks safety from a tractors exhaust pipe ohhh just to lie here on these beautiful heather clad banks feeling the pitter patter of the angels tears I tell you they are not on there own I weep too my sopping sleeve a victim to my many uncontrollable tears not out off sadness badness but out of sheer utter joy I gaze up at the mountains as the grey cloudy sea wash the tops of the mountain scape the late Robin halls a bleacher lassie of Kelvinhaugh is sung from an echo of the past the bard rabbi burns earns his keep in a time way back where widows clad in black did weep his voice booming through the mist telling a story of the stealing of the stane of clone from the mountain tops steep to the lochs deep your velvety voice is not alone I hear it all to well ahhh the mists do disappear ill take my leave to meet up with a party with a ghilly in charge to go in search for salmon ohh my to behold these fine colored tartans these are the folk who have clan connections but what of my attire with no clan connections to you and I it will be a wearing of the Caledonia ohhh to be by the banks of the loch Lomond



  Also highly mentioned… Thank you Linda 💐 Epitaph

By Linda Long

“You’re killing me….”Words I hung in the air,a prophecy that resonates through sleepless nightsMy heart said goodbye to itselfthat chilling evening in early AugustHow sacred the secret treasure of a wife and mother,how broken the memories,how haunting the path not taken

  The next poem is by my dear friend Karen Boorman

Walking down a long dark road
I have to
which way to go
North sou
or west
which way
uit me best
I have no
time i fear
for in my
he end draws near
I want to
he fullest I can
but which
go..must I choose?


Thank you Karen this reads like Robert Frost 🌺  


By Soul Gifts on WordPress ❤️

She moved.She swayed in time to the cadenceand beat of the rhythmsdrumming in her heart.Innocence was hers.As was beauty.Timeless, eternal, infinite.None dared question.Absorbed as she was, she noticed nothingbut the internal symphony,the music  that swayedand moved her eternally.The swell, the growth, the burgeoning,bursting and erupting explosions convulsedshook and shattered the firmaments asunder.In her splendour she bathedin the newness of birth.A new day.A new dawn.A new beginning.She smiled.It was wondrous..Thank you Soul Gifts 🌹   Thank you Soulece

By Soulece 💜

Stroke me my love
Let your nimble
Talented fingers
Play my body
Like a piano
Each caress
Igniting me
The instrument of your passion
Sending arpeggios of desire
Down my spine
Let us complete
This musical masterpiece
And write another tomorrow
 Thank you Jason…


Keep At It

By: Jason A. Watson 

Throughout life people experience both pain and suffering

Though getting through these things are pretty complicated

First you must learn to love and believe in yourself

Then, and only then, will you be able to numb the pain

This world is full of death and sorrowIt is filled with hate like no tomorrow

There still is hope for things to get better

Things are closer than they seem to appear

There’s really no need for fearGod wouldn’t put us into situations we can’t handle

This is why things always get betterAs long as you can try to remember

There is no reason to surrender

 I loved this one Jason….❤️    Thank you, Jony 


With love,


By Jony Francissen 



 Today you are silentolor:

yle=”color: #9497f2″>with harsh unspoken words.Your skin looks raw

and your eyes show no feelings.
<span st
d walls echoing promises,

Dust piled up on hope.

You promised me the sky

and turned it into a ceiling.


Thank you, Susan… Oh how I relate! 



By Susan Burns 

I’m still in love with who I thought you weretrong><span style="

le=”color: #9497f2″>The memory of that belief
is what’s causing the grief

I’m still in love with the you
I thought I knew
I despise the real you

I thought I’d found something rare
But you were just a player with flair

I will be okay
there will be a day
that false memory fades away


  Now my dear poetry friends these poems were HIGH ranking; however, they went over 22 lines and in the rules it stated no more than 22….  But they must be read by everyone because they too are phenomenal … 


By Cris Fox (also a dear old friend🌹)

 When the Wind begins to call you,

You will hear his voice and follow.

Listen and know, it’s  the song of you soul.

Friendship is the bread of angels,

Gifts of life meant to remind you

Which way to go, His love makes you whole.

The Father is calling, 

He’ll kept you from falling

Creation rejoices today.

The song He is singing

New life His bringing

Whispering Jesus the way

Home to His heart of love.

When the Wind begins to call you,

You will hear His voice and follow.

Listen and know, it’s the song of your soul.

Friendship is the bread of angels

Gifts of life meant to remind you

Which way to go, His love makes you whole.

This message descending

Of love never ending,

A river of Life from the Throne.

Grace that is waking,

You’ll Bend without breaking

With Jesus you’re never alone.

Enter His heart of love.

Beautiful Cris 🌹

  By Anne Stockstill


Thinking of Me?

When you touched my hand

And your lips caressed mine,

Were you thinking of me?

When you danced holding me close,

Your breathe on my cheek

Whispering sweet nothings,

Were you thinking of me?

When the lights were low,

Soft, romantic music playing

As you lay close to me,

Where you thinking of me?

When we talked about travel

And made future plans,

Where you thinking of me?

When foreign shores beckoned you,

French wine, fine cuisine served on a terrace,

Overlooking the Eifel Tower and sparkling lights of Paris,

Were you thinking of her?

When you traveled to Rome, Istanbul and St Petersburg,

Changing the look of your face,

Drinking Russian vodka, long white nights,

Were you thinking of her?

Laying on white Dominican beaches,

Playing in the foaming surf,

Where your phone service never worked,

Were you thinking of her?

Did you look into her eyes and repeat unholy vows,

To love and cherish until death,

When the church bells tolled,

Did you really believe the lies you told,

As you married her while you were married to me?

The judges really loved yours as well….
I do to as I definitely have been in this place too… Married to more than one women at a time….  💜



  💛 And MOST Mentioned 💛

However ~ it is over 22 lines…. 


By @alostwriter

I am something much more

Than what you have in your mind

I am much more than a body

I am much more than a kiss

I am something much more than the breast and

all the rest

I have a heart ,

A mind,A soul,I am not just this body

These lips,

These curves,

I am much more than these

You keep rolling your eyes

Up and down

Seeking to get into

Inch by inch

Into my skin

Making me feel naked even

I have dozen of clothe on my body

still naked i m

I am something much more

Than thisI don’t need you

Your appreciation

You are also one of them

I am much more than

What you think,

Much more than

You can ever imagine

your thinking is limited to this

and I am something beyond this

I am something much more.

By- alostwriter(sy)you can find me @alostwriter

Thank you   ✍🏻


 I want to thank all of you for your entries. It takes bravery to lay your heart out for the world to read. Well-done and congrats to all of you and our mystery judges too! 


Castanets and Patchouli

Image From Pinterest
Image From Pinterest

Hidden between glances

Silencing a cacophony of doubts

Entering a place reverently

Peaceful and in tune with the beat

Vibrational magnets conjoin

Even across a room

Finding the mellow one

Untroubled and appreciative of much

Harmonious strings are magical

Baroque gypsies fancy bravato

A passacaglia minuet to begin

A teething rose and Bolero

Tapping toes and castanets

Candles and torches blazing

A fugue in D Minor and such

Moonlight sonatas and patchouli 

An image of Zeta watches 

And there’s Tadhg whom I adore

The Samba and Bossa Nova

The night takes an exotic twist

Fantastic is the swirling passion

The drum beats stirring lust

Sweltering rhythms and riffs

Take me away  to a distant place

And there is Zeta watching me

The night dissolves then

And I return home

Zeta I can’t resist


And the late Jose Feliciano on Youtube

My favorite guitarist

Such a gypsy

I still love you the best…..🌹

Winter Fairies and Return To The Forest



Welcome To Winter Fairies and Return To The Forest

My poetry is dedicated to my family respectively:  Jim, Babe, Carol, Elysia and Joel.

Also, I want to thank all of my poetry friends that I’ve made on FB. The list is so long of my FB friends and I just want to let them know that they are so appreciated…

Now, just a little note to you the readers. This is a long poetry story. It has to be lenghty as it tells a story about love that’s become volatile. Love ,that is abusive and perhaps dangerous, is Beauties struggle and “Beauty ” is a metaphor regarding the lives of domestic violence victims.

I’m most proud of Fairy Beauty who declares her win over The Evil Sh’man. I love her words to the audience, to herself and to him. She comes through as the ultimate victor in the case of domestic warfare.

Thank you for stopping by and reading the allegorical poems of Winter Fairies.

Oh and by the way, the word fairy or faerie have two different spellings and meanings. A fairy is good and kind and represents innocence while faeries are mischievous at times and are practical jokers and create havoc in their environment.


Evil Sh’man Speaks:

Part 1

Hey! Come back here you Elfin Faerie!

Stop giggling, skipping and dancing, right now!

Caught again this time…

Feel the gripping of my grasp?

Delight, fright?

You Elfin mischief maker.

This time you’ll pay the price.

Last time… You’ve plucked my “C” chord.

Making sure of that…

Ha! You laugh, tease, taunt and twirl,

but now meshed between fingers of steel.

Escape not.

The last laugh; mine.

Little green Faerie neither sex surely known.

Doesn’t matter now

For between my fingers, thou art.

So, wiggly. So smart!

My eyes will not close!

The night approaches. Willing not thou clever plan.

I sleep not!

Fighting sleep.

Sword drawn at my side.

Think Thou smart, do’est though?

Think ye shall wait?

Time your best ally?

Big green eyes look so sad.

Concerned for souls, are you?

Eyelashes ever so sweet and dimples warming pink cheeks.

What’s this?

One big tear begging release?

Ahhh…Turn Away! …

Beguiling charm!

Eternal soul sucking fascination of Beauty’s green eyes.

Devilish harm…

AYE, Look away!!!

No gaze at she!!!

The promise of your love I shall not see.

Turn away!

The trigger’s trap catches not; me.



Then Beauty Takes Her Leave as The Evil SH’man Sleeps:

Part 2

Black night comes,

alone and cold.

Smart beauty sleeps warmed

By hands that fold.

In quietness the present enemy waits.

Beauty taunts not.

She need not…

For time be her friend.

Coldness aligns her side

And loneliness sang lullabies to her;

“sleep child sleep.”


The fight grows small.

Sleeps on the horizon; it calls.

Hearing distance voices my eyes rest.

The hills and a mountain melody lays sleeps fog.

I answer…

Can you hear it, as well?

He snores…

“Gently gently, sleep.”

Beauty crawls from fingers once tight.

Careful, careful…

Not to awaken the captures soul…

She’s played before..

However it’d grown old.

She plays well.

A champion for sure.

Quietly quietly,

“SSH”…says She….

“Awaken not my game.”

“Comes tomorrow a fair shame is he.”

“Foe rest; later your dare…”

“Truth? Ha!”

“Thought you had me?”

“You foolish sh’man.”

“Look! Who has who.”

“Thought you’d won?”


“Surely thought?

I’d not get away?”

Ah…Before Daylight shines…

“One last game..It affords me so…”

Whispers stories in midnight sleep.

You’ll think strange, “God’s” voice for certain.

Magical messages, images, songs and words;

“God’s!, not His at all…”

Ah Hah!!

“Goody, goody for me.”

“One more time before nights end

Can bully jab my soul.”

“NOT!” Then; Beauty declares her win…

Her long fairy fingers reach for the harp.

The soul of her game?

To pluck his “F” sharp…

“Bold challenges,” said Beauty,

“HIS love I detest,

but, as He has made it,

I surrender my quest.”


Beauty, The King of Clubs, enter’s another battle with The King of Diamonds or The Evil Sh’man. One more round taking place in the courtroom of divorce.


Poem 2

The King’s Duel


The Final Question?

Can the deep insightful King of Clubs
raise the final victory
over the overachieving
game playing
often clever
king of Diamonds?

Swords raised
not a final nod.
Eyes glaring steel blue and hazel green
facial lines fixed
not even a twitch.

Slowly woven like the Earth to the Moon
moving like a dance
made a circlular pattern
on the floors of onyx black

The King of Diamonds
so sure of himself
believed no fight
from the Club herself,

But the Club held dear
the truth in her heart
The Lord Almighty
was there
from the start.

Round and round
so slowly they moved.
The Diamond King’s lips
snarled a smirk
as he spit tw’ord ‘er shoes.

And the King of Clubs
shot darts of fire
her eyes told,
“He’za liar!”

The one eyed King
dazzled with diamonds galore

But, The King of Clubs
kept her mind
on the chore.

Over and around
the blades slowly moved
then picked up the pace
without any shoes…

Cling, clang, ding and gwong
the blades met
rangling a song

“All shiny and strong,
the song of a Savior,
That life is a gift
given by Him
and though expect treasure
we don’t always win…”

And so,
The Kings welded
their swords in the air
cutting their skins
and toppling their hair.

No whining
nor whimpering came from the two
but fierce wellbred bickering
whipped whistled twang pue.

The blades never ceased
the clang of the strikes,
faster and harder
beaten the life

Of one Diamond King
and the other a Club
but The Savior stepped in
to straightened their thuds.

Now, it came to pass
that The Diamond King
tipped his hat,
and gave up his crown,
and that; was that.

And The King of Clubs
Surrendered her heart
at a cross
on a hill~
decidedly smart.

For the hill is where
all kings will bow
made not of fools…
but of heroes,
Those, i am’s, of Thou art.







Poem 3

Fairy Beauty was captured because she was on a quest to find the perfect person to love her. And, because of her innocence, kindness and inability to defend herself, she is captured by a man, who is not for her ultimate good well-being. On the road of searching for a god-like man, she was captured by a sociopathic man….


In the poem, the man in the forest she meets, is a god-like man whom she created in her mind. It was a man similar to what she felt her father was and perhaps he is her biological father on her god-like quest for a great man to love and marry her.

So now, for poem 3:

The Forest Man


Like a drug; I’m compelled.
An index finger points the way.
The path covered in vagueness.
Only trust leads my day.

The forest is my storybook.
Few paths I’ve known.
Some are smooth and uneventful.
Some are treacherously bare.

Once a lesson completes.
And a short respite occurs.
The forest fairies find me.
And, another adventure is assured.

My feet are weary from twists and stones.
Tripping along the way.
But nonetheless, the spirits find me.
And again, I’ve nothing to say,

Excuses are lame.
Whining creates more.
So, quietly I proceed.
Wandering, the magic roads of lore.


Passing through the brush.
Carrying my satchel of prayers.
Perhaps I’ll pass a man.
A man who relinquishes terrors.

And I’ll look for him in the forest.
There, pray he shall find me.
Illuminate, our eyes will sparkle.
Then, my spirit shall be set free.




Beauty does escape the evil sh’man; however, the road home is often filled with in trepidation as she is always looking over her shoulder watching and waiting for the reappearance of her captor. Her fears are at times delusional as she struggles with being tormented and falling back into his hands or similar hands. She knows that she is vulnerable because of her naivety.


Poem 4:

Escaping and Returning to The Forest


Cold, cold, cold the morning; cold.
Coffee warms my hands.
Unraveling memories; seeming dull
Still night dreams, do unfold.

Low clouds covered the forest
Eyes that see not before us.

But, follow the pale path
Neath the weary feet.
See it! There! Underneath!


Wet leaves covered the way.
Then look closely if you may.

Sprinkled sparkling faerie dust
Shimmers neath the leaves.
And, if you follow the shining lights
Those sights shall take the lead.

Following the strath of twigs and weeds …
Growing near the path
The wetness of the leafy stuff
Still bares the night time mask…

Here, there, turns and twists
Mark a path which won’t resist.
All night long seeking an end.
Running, skipping and stumbling on shin.

Searched, knocked, and sought
Only not to find
Any faerie myths…
Oh, how my heart…
Does pine.

I tired of your game,
Oh, Faerie
Running your path night long.
Then decided I,
Best to wander home.

And, vaguely remembering sanity
Since safety departed me,
Calling from the woods
It growled ferociously.

Sad and disturbed
Missed you again!
And, lowering my face,
Bares a fools return.

Hey, Look yonder!!!
There! My Mims!
To be greeted by their love!

The open arms of my kin.

My family who loves me dearly,

And they who prayed me  home

That night.

Even despite myself. ,

Even despite myself.


Special thanks to my Late mother, Babe, my Skipper B, my Dear sister Carol, my daughter Elysia and my son Joel. They “who safely, yea, safely prayed me home that night.”


Beauty is still on her journey with the help of her family to find sanity so she continues to seek refuge at home once again. She is still running from the shadows, the bumps and bangs in the middle of the night or day. She shakes from fear whether real or imagined.


Poem 5:

Trying to Find Home


“Awe,” the radiance; so bright.
Then, follow it, with all might.
The road course shall lead by day
Rocks, turns, stickers and curves
Climb anyway…


My prejudiced thoughts;
Lofty visions of you.
Fiery images deflect a golden hue.
Imagined you, bronzed, dazzling, and vein.
We danced; then came the rain.


Caught too long there.
Idol thoughts; so dear.
Washed away; with my tear.
My arms bound, and mouth sealed.
Woven. Hey! What’s the deal?


OH, My God! I’ve Been Caught!
The coven’s web intently taut!
The feast I am. His delight.
Oh, fairy friend! By the firelight!
Here I am!


Now the spiders home virtually unseen,
Vaguely tucks into that corner beam.
But, see the dim light, growing so bright?
A fairy severs the silk, so tight.
And, falling from the web of fright.


Still arms tangled by silk threads
Pushing out bracing the fall
The spider and the fairy brawl
Wham, Bam, to and fro, from the deathly fight they bow
Looking, whom’s, my fairy friend? Noticing it must be Joe.


Underneath the spider
Joe waves thumbs up, You’re alright!
Now run like hell! To the light!
Run away little bait!
For, the fate of the firefly might be too late…



By Bonnie Jennings 1/12/2010




While on the road to recovery of being a doormat personality, Beauty finds a new friend who comes to stay with her during the getting home and settled sate. And, it was then that Faerie Jo (JR’s) entered her life. It is true that Faerie Jo made Beauty laugh again; however, Faerie Jo had some deviant behaviors the Beauty was amused by. He made her laugh though she never experimented with his mischievous suggestions. But, Beauty does thank Faerie Jo for the recovery of smiles, amusement in life and deep hearted laughter she had lost while in the deep woods of fears.


Poem 6:

Joe’s Seduction and Return to The Forest






Joe’s Seduction


Innocently spoken

lips of faerie red.

Failure to answer

deliberately unsaid


“Come On!

You want to play!

I see in your eyes

And OH,

By the way”

“At the end of the day

You’ve nothing to say?

We’ll see.



“Come now

Sing and dance with me.

By the time night comes

We’ll use the key.”


“The window thought closed

We’ll not use tonight

For as the sun sets

The door will shine bright.”


“And, just as before

When the Moon was full

You danced by the light of the fire.

And your life…not dull.”


“So come on Old Foe

I challenge you today

to come to the Forest

But, don’t forget to pray.”


Now Joe’s eyes

faerie green-blue

Her hair of red waves fell

Her waist little too.


Charming alluring daring

Joe seduced the weakening victim

O so sweet her voice

before Joe actually kicked-em.


“I can’t, I won’t !

Now, GO JOE!

far from me!

Out! You Elphin mischief-maker!

There! The window!

Now, LET Me BE !”


Pouty lips and bats of faerie lashes

A wink of Joe’s eyes

She extends her hand

“Come now, come nigh,

And do not say, good-bye.”

“My human friend

Please don’t cry.”


Joe’s fingers crossed

After her word

“You know you want to come.”

Joe’s clever tenderness heard.


Then their eyes met

Joes soul stronger by far

It reached out to point the way

To the forest

By declare.


Weeping, sobbing and uttering,


For with you faerie


“You LIE, you CHEAT, You’ve NEVER TOLD the truth!

Away from me little demon!

For I a clever sleuth !”

“I found out your tricks

All slippery twists and turns.

You’ll not lead me to the forest

The fires there

Will not burn!”


Blink blink. Smile smile.

Joe’s gestures summoned otherwise

Lies, cheats, twists and turns?

“You know how you loved it?

O, compromise!”

“Hey, for now,

Why don’t we play?

Remember the time

Remember the day?”

“You chased me,

And I chased you

Around and about

And away we flew.”

“And, I gave you wings

So you could fly.

You wore them one day

And flew sky-high.”


Up and away

or top of the trees!

O, how you flew.

Then, crashed down on your knees.

You cried a little

Afraid to smash

But, I caught you.

Do you remember that?


By day we flew

through tops of trees.

At night we danced,

Howled while burned the fire

With the breeze.


The snow fell

white branches below

cold air on our faces

you didn’t say, no.


Confessing your fears,

Don’t make me fly!

Saying, Damn you fairies!

But, we took you so high.

But, once on top of forest trees,

cold air blew

threw majestic hair.

Then, smiles over took you.

You’d no more cares.


Remember Foe

The human flew

Above The Earth,

And, safely returned

To the fires hue.

Tasting faerie brew

Though freezing; made warm.

Tasting our food,



Now, whats the harm?”


So, come now,

God of the sky.

Let us dance, cheer and sing

And, please, don’t lie.


For flying, your game fare

The faerie sort

A dare!


So, stay if you must…

But, winter is coming

and near the first frost.

Kindling our fires

Don’t get lost.


The invite is yours.

Extends the Faerie hand

In Spring depart

From kindred land.


Think it over,

I’ll return once.

To ask you to play

to ask you to dance.



Quiet are you

Not so sure?

Your soul inside

Embarrassingly pure.


Judge others,

And they judge you.

But, in Faerie land

All tiny feet

Wear the same tiny shoe.


“So, I’ll leave you this morning

To think for yourself.

I’ll return ONCE more.


When The Moon shall wane

Then, you should thin,

Follow the elf.


But, one more time

I ask you to follow

Before The Moon’s full light is gone.

Then, don’t dilly-dallow.


Joe moves to the window

Her faerie finger points up.

Then, her faerie wings take to flight.

But, before leaving from captives sight


Joe turns to wink

And salutes goodbye.









In the year 2011, Beauties mother dies and it is in her memory, that this poem was written. “Babe,” Beauties mother was life’s weaver of magic and good dreams. This poem is about Babe, who helped Beauty so many times. This poem is a thank you to Babe for her constant help in real life and beyond….


Poem  7:

Autumn Weaving with Babe,

my weaver of dreams and magic 2011






Weave in and out skip two colors of dreams

Raise the level of forest green

now circle around the lights magic stream.


Yellows and oranges

Parfet and red

perfect strands of marbled threads


Dashing there yonder

up over Mars

bringing back a handful Stars


Wild horses charge

Black stallions at night

Taming the dragon with beacons of light


Casting them into fortune and fame

Causing the wind

Making it bend.


Lastly, there are many more in The Winter Fairy series of Poetry, but these are the most significant to the experiences of abuse. This poem is about the road of recovery. Victims have a tendency to repeat damaging relationships. So, in the recovery process, Beauty separates herself from any possibilities of dysfunctional relationships until she can learn to say, “No,” and she can recognize  the “red flags” that charismatic abusers often present. Until that time comes, and maybe it won’t, Beauty rests, heals, and discovers her own needs for self love.


Poem 8:

Leaving Adam


Leaving Adam

Eons advance and passed away.
Thought, theory, speculation and opinions, die.
Glancing through lenses, and squinting, at the sky,
Adam, pointing, at the twinkling specs, named the brilliant ballet.
So, following mankind, up the mountain,
And ascending a rocky path; we embarked.
My feet followed his, upward, to where the sky was arched.
His staff pointed, and the heavens, then filled me, as a refreshing fountain.
An advocate of The Father of Man, I desired what he sought,
Thus’ left the home of my family and upheld his zealous quest
Confidently, I abided and affirmed his every request.
Even, wore his belief’s; did just as he taught.
One day, dared I asked, Adam, the man of science,
How is Eve today?
And, if looks could kill, then Eve is dead, thus’ left us only, to pray.
Deceased, she is. He answered, with a chill of neglectful defiance.
Man of Science, I spoke so boldly.
At the mountain top; we stand
The stars, you named, and held, in your hand,
However, love you murdered, so coldly.
This day, I choose the mother
Her love, which first found me
Within the warm and welcoming spirit, in there, dwells she.
 And, today, I accept non-other.
So, progressing and moving towards her;
 Over, the cliff of doubt, rapidly grabbing her hem, I aim.
Because, after carefully, considering your treacherous, pains,
There, in her grace ~ I seek her, safe harbor
I choose faith, that which, I cannot see. 





©2010 by Bojenn or Bonnie Gay Jennings or Bonnie Jennings
@Bonnie Gay Jennings, or Bonnie Jennings or Boondoggling with Bojenn

*Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Bonnie (Gay) Jennings, or Bojenn or Bonnie Jennings with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. All artwork is also the production and creation of Bonnie Jennings.


My email: Bonniegjennings@gmail.com

Thank you for reading. I pray you found insight.

God bless you.

Bonnie Jennings or Bojenn




Quarks and Atoms


Similar to a galaxy spinning in time
Measures and degrees relations to physics
Worlds and molecules and atoms be
Thicker, heavier, denser or sparse
Spinning in their community on a coarse
United by their gravity and specific force
Ignoring mankind as it flows in unison
Though truly mankind rarely notices
Tiny quarks and black space not hidden
Just so small, but significantly living
Wildly busy and holding prayers
The littlest places, but no one cares
But in the tunnels black between quarks
The energy moves vibrating this heaven
The space between iron and chemical seven
Make a place that causen weights to levin
Billions and trillions of atoms maybe
Your eyes, so that you can see
A world of beauty beyond this place
A world of atoms of molecules and me

©2016 Bonnie Jennings All Rights Reserved

Doodles by me

Poetry about Disassociation


Left alone, isolated in a closet

Though tears stopped one day, later

She hated her, and she knew it

Resentment she felt it deep

Having another child, God help her

But her friends merely laughed

That’s life, buck up!

Hush secrets, please, lock and keep

Loneliness bequeathed the child with friendship

And, she still hides in the closet

Come out little girl!

The angel wiped her tears

She was three or four

Angel lends gifts graciously handing                                                                                                        

Paper and pen the tools she needed

Love them, hold them, use them

Everyday while in that dark room

With Isolation her master

It taught mind escaping from that dungeon 

It showed her how to

Travel to Egypt, Israel and Istanbul

Transportation provided by Isolation and Despair

Appropriate names for them

And disassociation is wrong, so say they

They who’ve not felt walls collapse on psyches

The mind is a magnificent creator

God incarnate gave provisions

To those wayfaring life within a closet

And, may I add, mind adventures are not so bad

Learn the lesson and teach one another

On Islands, inside caverns she sits waiting

Departing the darkness of a closet

Propelling the down trotted 

And imagination transports her

She flies somewhere else and is on her away





@Bonnie Gay Jennings, or Bonnie Jennings or Boondoggling with Bojenn @Wordpress 2009 to present 2016 ~

*Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Bonnie (Gay) Jennings, or Bojenn with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Thank you

Winter Poetry 2016 and included on the bottom half Valentines’ Poems to Self

This bench in spring holds our laughter
This bench in summer scorches with our embraces
Though in fall we agreed to say good bye
That frozen winter alone, I often cried
Once, I was filled with your love
However, seasons come and pass by and by
And time does march on
This bench is a vague memory of that time A ghost. You were there.
And now, your gone


Winter Poetry 2016 By Bonnie Jennings

A vision, there, a fairy bright

She bends to touch flowers of lights
Am I dreaming or is this real?
The most beautiful place, is so surreal.
May I stay here, but for awhile?
No, not now, but may visit, my child
How may I come, If there’s no road?
At nighttime, while sleeping, from your abode
We’ll come and escort you when dreaming assured
And let you play amongst Elysium’s flowers and stars


Amidst the lush green of the forest one day
Appeared strange images of invisible spirits moving
I dare say
Hiding from those creatures in a thicket, there pray
Holding a sneeze, as tight as I could
Whilst sitting  in hay
Moving and looking towards me it scanned!
Eyes of lights and a devilish grin
Exploding the sneezed covered the land
And the beings of invisible molecules of lights
Took my arms and we disappeared from this sight

Queen Alluilla of Star Magnus Astra

Gave blessings of lights and flowers
She stands aside seeing the subjects
Magical blessings that never, ever cowers

Darkness was illuminated
by the white drops
of water and flakes
I sat perched
unclothed in my window
For heavens sakes
Just watching
the amber light shine
through the flurried night
Waiting for something
so spectacular
to appear
Within my sight

Running towards the lit portal
I can’t be left! Out of breath she yells as she runs
Don’t leave me! Don’t close the door!
Plump plump plump her shoes are catching in mud
The shadows were closing in on her
She could hear The Langoliers behind her
Eating time like Pac-Man does
Oh she whist fully meanders

Here you are surrounding
As you always do, waiting
For the moments of surrender
Screaming, crying, all alone, you anticipating
The whirlwind of panic circl
Down the funnel like a toilet
Watery feelings, faithless fears
Washing down with mercury tears
And you and Saturn call “it a day”
Before you, back away
Looking at the victims fallen
You leave behind some often crawlin’
No mercy have you?
Promising you’ll return, to do
All the work on wounded soldiers
Slashed by whips of hatred motions
The pitiful grasp a whispered free breath
Crawling face down hidden from death
Those who survive your camp
Steel-toed boots used to “make us champs.”
For Who? May I ask irreverently, dear
Who are you that cause the tear?
Why do you linger like a bully?
A god? Forbid! You are irreverent, truly.
Casting you far away, only moments before
You come to stay, worse and more bizarre
A prisoner caught in your web of terror
Surrendering to the deity of less herald
Waiting for my savior again
Who always comes way past when
The clock struct eleven fifty-nine and thirty secs’
Before he shows up and whips their unholy asses.

The Agent

Once again, she was the bate

Alone in the coal dark dressed for a snake
The candle light cast a soft Amber glow
On her delicate shoulders
bringing the target low
Shaking from her nerves she said, I can’t get use to this
But someone must be the bate and perhaps they’ll miss
Backup is in the shadows of the dark
I must bring the killer into
the timing arch
One attempt I have to allure
Lest my destiny is obscure

The Carousel 

Da Da Da Da Da Ta Ta 

Da Da Da Da Da Ta TA
Slowly around we began
I choose the white horse
And Barry the bear with the band
Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta Ta ta ta ta Ta ta ta T ta tata
Up and down the carousal went
Moving faster with each left turn
The snow was falling and freshly sent
The winter cold, and our hands didn’t burn
On our faces catching the wind and snow
We just enjoyed the beautiful lights
And music from the organ bands brilliant show

Winter’s Waltz played with his strings
Father times sits amid the trees
Playing for nature a beautiful tune
Resting in weather preparing for spring

Take a good look, never will
You see this moment ever again
Time like seasons, come to go
To sisters walking, in summer haze
Holding hands, a long time ago

Our Setting Sun
  ~ The setting of the sun
in the late days of winter
A shadow of warmth appears
On the grey and cold murky ground
Here we are sitting so apart
Wine glasses different as we are
Like Mars is to Venus
Silence prevails from day to day
And nodding in agreemnet
Or stares when so apart
The conversation has no fabric
There is quietude within our presence
And the setting of the sun
Is different on Venus as on Mars

And, Speaking of Mars
She stood on Mars so desolate and cold
The ground parched from no atmosphere at all
And frozen by night from lack of warmth
She released from her left hand a metallic heart
She blessed the land from further dismay or neglect
Clouds formed dark, dismal and grey in due respect
Releasing love upon a dry land
Releasing dominion in future hands
The black angel of magic came as cupids dam


Valentines Day

A day of love, not for me
It’s a day to mourn
So, I came to the sea
Drops of rain cause ripples to form
Because I was raped under a tree
And now I wish I had never been born
This red rose represents love lost
Starring at it’s crimson petals do cry
The white gown my purity is frost
My father, had he known, that man would die
My emotions like the waves surely tossed
My mother pushes me to marry that swine
“Marry that man, he has money, darling dear.”
She has no idea what she says, she’s so utterly blind
And, daddy looks away, seeming to shed a tear
Sometimes I think I’ve lost my mind.

Take a good look, never will
you see this moment ever again
Time like seasons, come to go
Two sisters walking, in summer haze

The bills, the taxes, the threats from bankers
The swallowing of her pride, the last of herself
She hangs onto why he’s gone
Why did he leave me drowning in this
As surely as the end of my life comes
I will learn and know how to pay my taxes alone.

February 15th Love
Did you say, “I love you?”
Is that what you said?
Please, understand
I’m anxious and dread
Any vows that promise to love me
Or cherish me forevermore
So, forgive my harsh inquisition
My wounds are not yet healed
And, though I’m so flattered
And in total delight that you should care
For right now, I’m trembling
And must renege your promised vow
But, please ask me on Feb 15th
When the whistles and bells silence
Bring me chocolates and flowers
And teach me how you dance
But, on the 14th of February
No whispering of love in my ears
But, come on May the 2nd
When there are no commercials cheers
Just love in mid autumn
When the cold comes to play
Then you will give me your heart
And promise that you’ll stay
©2016 WP

Our Setting Sun 
~ The setting of the sun
in the late days of winter
A shadow of warmth appears
On the grey and cold murky ground
Here we are sitting so apart
One pare of wings flew from our heart
Now our wine is as different, as we are
Like Mars is to Venus
Silence prevails from day to day
And nodding in agreemnet
Or stares when so apart
The conversation has no fabric
There is quietude within our presence
And the setting of the sun
Is different on Venus as on Mars
And one pair of angel’s wings flew to a distant star

Dreaming and entering life because we choose to fight our human battles… Now fight with faith Believe

The White Feature
It’s an antique brass urn
Now the coldest day at noon
And the crystals snowflakes gather
There is a prism in my room
A chill passed, when picking up the urn
And a feather so white floated across a sun ray
Dangling freely it seemed to loom
In my mind, you’re here on this icy cold day
In the silence, there seems a tune
The one you so loved to pray
The feather rested upon my pillow
Is this your sign which came to lay
Are you near me, that’s all that matters?

To leave you forever is unimaginable

The summers spent barefoot and slumbering
Walking over the Lovers Bridge holding hands
The memories forever etched in amber lights
And I shall never leave you
In winter, spring, summer nor fall
Eons of time come and go
But our names echo if you call
And our dream and legacy continues for always and a day

About Cursing
when you feel like saying a curse word
it’s best then to say a good word
when you think the world has ended
it’s only just begun
Your changes are meant for better
Even when the sky seems dark
But it’s always best to speak good words
even when your mind feels a fark
Cause your heart changes the bad things
From the fark and dark side of life
and makes your world healthier
and wired on a positive spark

UFO overhead
Dreaming and entering life because we choose to fight our human battles… Now fight with faith Believe

From A Personal Point of View

Pink is the sky from my front porch

When the sun sets late winter on this eve

Shadows from trees cast upon the wet ground

And the evening shade appears a dull brown scene

Sitting from the deck alone amazingly thankful

Listening to Baroque and lighting a fire for the warmth

Writing verses so inspired by God’s handiwork

Wishing only to share the scene with someone else

And the prayer to the Almighty is respectfully glad

And, I imagine that He stands beside me, as I hum

The verses flow with love given from above

Staying awhile writing is short lived though, I relish

However, moments filled with graceful imaginations

And the ending is met satisfyingly with a sigh

The verse seems freely exaggerated

The words don’t tell the truths

The accents are not even

The poetry lost the youth

Albeit the rhymes are for lovers

In romanticized time

And the pink sky for watchers

For those who see the night

©2016 From A Personal Point of View
By Bonnie Jennings
All Rights ReservePhotograph by MOI

I awoke dreaming the words. A voice said, get up and write them down. It was 0430.

Awaken from slumber, you sleeping ones

Arise before the morning Sun
Brush the veiled smokescreen before you
Trust not your deceiving sight or ears to understand
Believe from within truths set before you
Look at the eyes of the cat
See the slightest movements of the surroundings
Watch for clues that bare studying
The Moon is staged and not so far
Awaken child from sleeping slumber
Perceive the time before the rooster crows
The hour is a liar, and minutes are left to behold
And you see behind the curtain
Frightening from so many lies
Truth was never perceived correctly
Mankind is far from the thrown
And we are slaves made from a conjure
We came from a bet that fell cast
The child is a way of safety
A bread filled path to the Tree of Life
Take the loaf’s trail and proceed with might
Finding the way, not using your sight
Faith guides your heart
Belief takes you all the way home


Midge, thoroughly disgusted with her “daddy.”

He made her stay home on a Friday night
Pouting like ‘A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’
Placing curses as he passed by
The antenna helped carry her signal
Pop died the next Saturday night
Midge, thoroughly disgusted with her “daddy.”
He made her stay home on a Friday night
Pouting like ‘A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’
Placing curses as he passed by
The antenna helped carry her mad signals
Pop’s died Saturday evening
And Midge ate the caramel delights
And, “Father Knows Best.”
Midge, thoroughly disgusted with her “daddy.”
He made her stay home on a Friday night
Pouting like ‘A Cat On A Hot Tin Roof’
Placing curses as Pops made her cry
The antenna helped carry her mad signals
So, Pop’s then died choking,
As Midge drank Turkish Delights
And, “Father Knows Best,” on Friday nights
Where The Boys Are, honking when they drive by
A message to the past

Stop. Please, listen, I’m watching from so near
Just stop talking and listen to me me dears
Life is too short to argue as you do
Now listen to me children
Your mother still cares immensely for you
A veil that is so thin separates us now
But there is a place you can reach me, by bow
If you’ll only take this time to listen dear child
You can her me whisper
but your soul must be mild
Come a little closer, I will tell you more
Please stop, don’t run out that door
Listen so sensitively to my silent voice
Feel me as I brush the winds
It is entirely your choice
But, please hear me
Listen my children and see
I’m still here


The soft warmth of a summer breeze passes

A North wind gently blows against my hair
Amber golden memories cover hazy visions
You walking amidst the silky stalks barefooted
Smiling, playing hide and seek, in the recesses of my mind
And if we could love again there playing games as lovers do
Laughing as if no cares exist in the caverns of time
Feeling your flesh and touching your lips
Watching the North wind bend the amber lens behind
Yielding flesh, thus meshing souls in one dimensional bind
Promise eternal flames tightly conjoined
And never meant to be broken
Vowing love for you, forevermore
As our love takes flight invisible, as before.

Oh, how she loved The Grey Dappled Stallion
He so proud and adorned with his lovely companion
Both coming alive in romancing novels
A fair maid in red and a Stallion “Aristotle”
Dramatically engaged in erotic sagas

Insightful was the maiden girl
Who watched beyond a surreal world
Looking for answers seemed well hidden
By private eyes and demon legends
Until one day, while barefooted in the forest
Alone there she did ponder
Noticing a break in the lining
Stretching forth to touch the crystal chamber
Pounding her palm on the weakness of veils
Shattering the mysteries of the others tales
And, the forest trees and skies disappeared
To a place lest lovely and no cares
But, the truth was bare for her to see
And, she covered it from you and me
Walking the forest floor about the shattered glass
Watching the others and their plans for us
Wondering why from whilst we came
She spoke no truths and simply sighed
When the forest population questioned the sky
She kept the secrets as others passed by

Remembering Summer and That Old Swing
Memories of childhood under a tree
A swing left vacated by me
The warm wind blows across goldenrod
In a distant voice children laugh
Playing together there under the tree

About Aliens 
In green foliage of the spring woods
I happened upon men as they stood
Seeing through their bodies frightened me
What the devil that I can see
Amidst the lush green of the forest one day
Appeared strange images of invisible spirits moving
I dare say
Hiding from those creatures in a thicket, there pray
Holding a sneeze, as tight as I could
Whilst sitting  in hay
Moving and looking towards me it scanned!
Eyes of lights and a devilish grin
Exploding the sneezed covered the land
And the beings of invisible molecules of lights
Took my arms and we disappeared from this sight

Elysium dedicated to my daughter Elysia


A vision, there, a fairy bright

She bends to touch flowers of lights
Am I dreaming or is this real?
The most beautiful place, is so surreal.
May I stay here, but for awhile?
No, not now, but may visit, my child
How may I come, If there’s no road?
At nighttime, while sleeping, from your abode
We’ll come and escort you when dreaming assured
And let you play amongst Elysium’s flowers and stars

Yours Forever

Forever is unmeasured
Maybe forever plus a day
Forever could be a moment
in just one single rainbow’s ray
Time has many dimensions
Where dreams do seem to whirl
Forever is a promise
That is defined by the surreal
When you say “forever”
My eyes are clever sleuths
Forever is in a conjured imagination
That rarely holds the truth

They say I’m insane but you say, “I’m not.”

Little bird, how fearless are your thoughts
Friends have I none
But, you are are my song
Little bird, love you have sung to my heart

Her Finishing School spawned her madness

Failing etiquette, Victoria challenged tea time
Failing etiquette, Victoria challenge
Practice walking Victoria, teapot on head!
Now get up! One two three!


Isabella Isabella! There is work to do!
There you dream looking out a subway window
Dreams and visions are not limited to the walls of brick
Open your eyes, girl, see beyond the thick
Prison of the cities eternal cement walls
There is greenery and life beyond the city malls
Now dream your way out! 
Pursuit it with your shout!
Now, shut your eyes and believe it o come about


A blue veil encompassed me when I erased you away
Forever gone from me, I gladly bid you adieu 
But, your haunting memories plagued mi amore 
There! Creeping through the blue veil by day
And tantalizing my night visions I see your face
Certain of your death under the blue veil
This can’t be happening, you’re dead, I do tell!
And, here she drifts freely
On cold icy nights in only her gown
A blood stained hand spattered the shroud 
Her baby that lived despite the murderers hands
But, took the mother whose seen drifting down
The road during icy cold winter’s
Towards the assailants’ home of three brothers

Where I’ve walked has left a trail

The path I’ve traveled, I came afar
Left behind a cold desolate life
But where I’m headed only I can tell
In a life are numbered days
Given to man to find a way
Making the trails from the clay
Walking our steps as we may
At the end man hopes his God
Sends angels to greet him with welcoming nods
And the trails walked that look dismal and grey
Are men’s accomplishments rather than ill dismay

To My Children

Have I told you that I love you

Do you know this fact my loves
And if time slipped away from our shores
And the Sun’s rays came no more
Would you still know I loved you
Far greater then time barriers ever knew
Passing that of the speed of light
How great is my love for you two

The violence in the water challenged the gift of music in my strings

I stood firmly on that peer ready to play the vibrations of my heart
In my right hand, my fiddle, and in my left, my bow
The waters dared me, and my violin was prepared for the show

And what was she thinking
One could not know
She stood on the peer
Looking away from the shore
The mausoleum seems frozen; ghosts reside
The frozen mausoleum; there ghosts reside
Haunting, cold, lonely the monastery life

He surveyed the horizon for hope
The long unyielding day ended with the cold wind
And the man and his dog were truly best of friends
The night’s arrival brought dark clouds with perhaps a storm
But together they’d make it and be unharmed

Watching so quietly hiding from you
Within the foliage masked from view
My eyes fall at the light, my face disguised
Seeing you there, my soul hypnotized
Wanting, but shan’t go through
Fore you’re away, way out of my queue

There is a red bird that has come to visit me
It rests upon the warm Earth singing of love of Thee
In it’s song a voice that says
Time for rest from all your cares

Within the cold air that night the breaths of father Joseph and his infant child Jesus were lingering in the chill. Wrapped in swaddling clothes the infant is also held tight by the arms of his arms wrapped in lambs wool.

The cattle and goats laid near and the manger became toasty warm. The Stars light shown threw the cracks in thatch ceiling
And love permeated the air when God was born.

“The sleek cold turquoise forest of ice cycles simply welcomed the tired into it’s beauty. Crawl into the cradle, so cozy and warm, and the wind will sing lullabies to beckon sleep. The babies felt comforted by the hues and the limbs of branches that rocked the infants to the lands of the deepest slumbers. And there they schlafen until the fairy lights sent by the Sun awakened the babes and then another adventure soon promised to begin…” Goodnight World

Time it was

Caught in glance
And a glance was caught
Though in innocence
She saw
Secrets of long ago
It does seem
I know this place, before
She dreamed

Cinderella and Karma

Soot on her nose and on her clothes
A princess under the gloom
Sweeping by day and sleeping with a broom
Occupied her, several years and a day
Then one eve after chores completed
Cindy’s thoughts were always fleeting
Except on Sunday when snow fell sleeting
She lingered looking in a mirror scrying
Amazing stood an image of her abiding
Dressed in clothing so fair
With hair done up with care
Her face trimmed with shimmering flair
Her broom became a handsome princess’ groom
And the hearth beheld foods that filled the room
And she danced until the moon’s lights diminished
And Karma knew Cindy was quite unfinished
And the shoes belonged to the princess in soot
And not another minute was spent feeling unloved and unkept
Because Cindy saw the crown Karma promised

The Needle and The Thread
One birth

One thread

One eyelet
Two ways
One person
Many chances
Many challenges
Many mendings
One block
One time
One death


The fog rolled down into the valley where the train station sat
Three crosses on the hill rested above where holes in the fog Bared their solitude and dignity of where lives were once present
And no one was around. The track was empty of humans or ghosts
Yet the lights within a cabin expected a passenger for certain
I smoked my last cigarette. I watched the station for movement.
There was none, not even a stray cat or dog. Them the box car door slid open. The stairs came down towards me, like and invitation, just for me. After taking my last drag, I through the butt on the ground and walked to the car. My suitcase rolled behind me. I had no idea where I was going. I trusted for a stupid reason that really doesn’t matter. Simply, I wanted change and the railroad wants to take me. I’m tired of fighting for all the things I want, they want and my employer wants. Damn weary. Anything is better than one more day of exhaustion so I step on the first step. The conductor ghosts yells, “Last call, All aboard!” I get into the car and suddenly my life changes, forever.

Lifting her hands releasing the power

Behind a window for all to see
Come out from behind your shield daughter
Sending the gift and setting it free

The Love of Grandmothers and such

Looking on the bad side the cup was empty, old and tried
The petals of roses dried colorfully whilst resting on its side
An antique china tea saucer and it’s fragile cup lay
Dropped among the wet leaves one cold autumn day
And, there it lain for four seasons, or perhaps even more
Amongst the slimy worms and upon the chilled damp floor
Hidden for a reason, until time had chosen to share
When Molly was a teenager, she discovered the delicate ware
Up she picked it, from the foliage, thus lifting, ever so gently
Dusting off the muddy earth and lifting the leaves intently
From its inner depth fell a key hidden before
And Molly held it to the sunlight examining the signs of yore
“Something is about this,” she thought to herself
Seeking any mysteries about grannies sudden fate
The china cup and saucer soon sparkled with love
And the key she found opened a treasure box with a picture of a dove
And Mollies life changed that day beyond all measure
Her grandmother gave her secrets found within the earthen treasures

Figure me out!

“Yes, I’m pissed.”

Just read between my lines
I’m a woman you understand who ~
Speaks beyond words and uses an expressive brow
Now listen very carefully
No excuses for not comprehending
Now read me very carefully
Your test is in my aching
Figure it out!
The message within my pout
Look at my arms crossed
And my stance so warningly rigid
Figure me out!
I’m a woman in the making.
Read my grey areas
And thanks for your caring

Prostitution of The Soul 

Christmas Day and it is warm in San Juan.

Sitting on the stones wishing that I was home.
I moved here away from my family
Partying, booze and hanging out with clientele
I miss my mom, i miss my dad
I want to go home and sleep in my bed.
I’m twenty two now and lived harder than one should
Pretty once, was more then, than, I am, now
Gave up school to experience life
The road I’ve traveled has been rocky and cold
Even on the Caribbean streets of gold.
Getting home my deepest desire
These streets of pleasure are demons of hell
And there is no Christmas down here on the street
But, I followed a man who made a sale
And, I bought Hades believing it was a treat
That any girl would want to play with a male
And, getting home may cost my tail.
But it’s worth getting home again.
It’s just a trick and pocket change
Soon I’ll fly far away from this place
The streets of San Juan aren’t for country girls
Mom I’ll be coming home after Christmas
I promise somehow, mom, I will.

When Fairy Princess opened her books

The magic awakened from inside the pages
Butterflies flit about the nooks
An amber light glowed when out stepped sages
Whirling lights dancing to and fro
Golden hair and pink cheeks of youth
The fairy princess caused them to glow
Her dimples, pink lips and missing a tooth
Made the wonder beam even more
Orbs of lights shown so bright
Her mother gave her the gift of lore
The love of Christmas became a glorious sight
From a child of wondrous creation
From a God given for delight
To the parents of all nations
A gift of magic in children so bright

February Poems a Valentine to Self



Embracing me; smothering me.

Your insecurities extinguished my flame

You said, “I love you,” way too many times

But, I’m not sure,

Because, I don’t think you love yourself


Venus didn’t bless our love

Tried so hard to force you

Stood upside down on my head

Flipped for you to wed

Became what you wanted, yes?

Though, Jupiter was un-expansive

Because, Saturn ruled instead

Had to walk away

No energies to play

For’ Saturn ruined our day


Eros love is lust

If there is phileo love

It will arise

There is no need to force the feeling

In time, if love is missing

Then, we’re dismissed

Hey, let’s not forget to smile

Being free

No condemnation

Agape’s love is


I bought myself chocolate today

And a message

In the red floral bouquet

I sent these

To me

The message said,


<span class=”wp-smiley wp-emoji wp-emoji-heart” title=”<3


There is one goal that’s unfinished

To conquer fear of loneliness

The fear of incompatibility

The fear of lightening storms

The fear of powerlessness

To conquer my fears


Loving someone because of fears

or powerlessness

or for lightening storms




Is not loving them


I love to see you laugh

When you cry

I cry

I know you are genuine

As you know me too


Traveling to a mountain top with you is unimaginable

An ecstasy that I hope for

Because as sure as The Moon appears

I will travel to the dark side

With you

When dying


And love is

that I loved me

Sacrificed me

Just for you

Because I loved you as my equal

And raised you a little higher than myself

Because you did the same

For me


“Fools Rush In”

Where angels fear to go

Attempting love again

Is beyond any scope that I know;


A life void of tenderness

Is an ocean without a ship

But to be a fool, once more

They’ll be no rushing of this wind

And, this I know, for sure



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Thank you



Omar Khayyám



Omar Khayyám

Translated by Edward FitzGerald

Into this Universe, and why not knowing,

Nor whence, like Water willy-nilly flowing :

And out of it, as Wind along the Waste,

I know not whither, willy-nilly blowing.




There was a Door to which I found no Key :

There was a Veil past which I could not see :

  Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE

There seem’d – and then no more of THEE and ME.



And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before

The Tavern shouted – “Open then the Door!

  You know how little while we have to stay,

And, once departed, may return no more.”




And my mother’s favorite. The one she awakened me with, EVERY single morning that I was home, as a child. Thank you mom.



Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night

Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight :
  And Lo! the Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultán’s Turret in a Noose of Light.

Thank you mother for giving to me the gift of loving poetry…

The Healers in Ecuador

I dedicate this poem to someone that I admire beyond words…

To Ingrid Naiman

Ingrid’s blog and link to her, out of this world, knowledge of healing…



The intricate beauty of god's love

The Healers in Ecuador
Ecuador lush greens, and iguanas galore
The smell of the Hibiscus so sweet they implore
The hunches of folk maidens found in books
Adventures in paradise; listening to brooks
Healing the soul from whence it came
Releasing the bondages from deadly games
The essence of breath found in the jungle untamed.
The healers explored vast botany ignored
Within the person the pilgrims restored
Instead of a pharmacy excepting a bribe
Drops from lush plants heal souls that subscribe
And, hope soars as the eagles proclaim,
The Boehme folk maidens brushed them and gently lay claim
Healing for anyone without any shame
Thanking The Earth for royal bounties it shares
Requesting in return to replenish its’ ware

By Bonnie Jennings



©2015 Bonnie Jennings. All Rights Reserved

Shadow People

Shadows on my walls are silent
Yet, wield stories; often violent
Because messages must be told
Within my self, my heart does hold
And the stories that were uttered
Hushed intrusive others
Surrounded by the shadowy figures
In silence, I mouthed their nameless brothers
Walking in the past held memories
The dreams of my enemies
Explaining their inner pains
Listening, though I kept their refrain
Then my pneuma knew for certain
The tear of that curtain
From whence the shadows came
Stepped out from him and is to blame
And in the darkness were several lights
Beaming hundreds, of tiny sights
Music heard from here and there
Sounds vibrating ghostly everywhere
And the birth of a tiny star did shape
Within that void
Troubled stories within shadows of souls
Well, laugh at me if you must!
The lost brothers who had no trust
Listen cowards with opened ears
Listen closely they’ll be no cheers
The words will not be enough
silently whispered and then hushed
Forever silenced, within, she wept
There the crowds morned her loss
Though misunderstood dimmed her gloss
There she stood amidst her kin
She glowing from within
She held a sign for all to read
“The shadows are no longer silent, indeed”
And her peace finally came resting
When the ghostly images retreated from molesting
Pluto Knows
Pluto Knows
* Disclaimer and to clear up anyone who might think this is about a personal rape, molestation or abduction, to clarify, this is just fictional writing and jotting down what comes to mind.
 By Bonnie Jennings ©2015 #Bojenn All Right’s Reserved

Soulmates Found in Other Times

Deadwood or reinvention
Deadwood or reinvention

Soulmates Found in Other Times

By Bonnie Jennings 2015

the greens of spring vibrate abundance
on the distant flight of winter
The chirping and sounds of life continued
among the living of this planet
The deer graze without hunger
on the meadows of rolling mountains
Awe the aromas of the forest
that invite us into enchanting stories
holding her sweetly amidst the flowers
kissing her gently the ghostly lovers
who perished in memories within her sorrows

My Covering


* Note: Tornados were close by my home and together we snuggled sat, my 5 animals and I,  in a dark closet we waited until the storms passed, so later I wrote this… 

My Covering 

By Bonnie Jennings

The storm threw bolts of illuminated swirling wind

 On the horizons of East and of West 

The rolling vibrations shook my heart of fainting

Amidst the closet of our hiding of fears and trembling

The weather fell calm and out of the thunder

On the place where I do slumber

Oh, the desire for comfort and embrace

Of the tender human like Christ

Of His mercies and His grace

To touch him for’ He coddled me 

While in anguish and in longing distress.


Trying To Find Home


“Awe,” the radiance; so bright.

Then, follow it, with all might.

The road course shall lead by day.

Rocks, turns, stickers and curves Climb anyway…


My prejudiced thoughts; lofty visions of you.

Fiery images deflect a golden hue.

Imagined you, bronzed, dazzling, and vein.

We danced; then came rain.


Caught too long there; my Idol thoughts; so dear.

Washed away; with my tear.

My arms bound, and mouth sealed.

Woven, hey! What’s the deal?


OH, My God! I’ve Been Caught!

The coven’s web intendedly taut!

The feast I am; His delight.

Oh, fairy friend! By the firelight! Here I am!


Now the spiders home virtually unseen,

vaguely tucks into that corner beam.

But, see the dim light, growing so bright?

A fairy then severers the silk, so tight.

And, falling from the web of fright.


Still arms tangled by silk threads

Pushing out; bracing the fall

The spider and the fairy brawl

wham, bam, to and fro,

from the deathly fight they bow

Looking, whom’s, my fairy friend?

Noticing it must be Joe.


Underneath the spider Joe waves thumbs up, You’re alright!

Now run like hell! To the light!

Run away little bate! For, the fate of the firefly might be too late…

by Bonnie Jennings ©1/12/2010FS

The Moon’s Invitation


A diffusion of The Moon’s beams permeated my sleeping room.

It surrounded my shades and light cast brilliant energy awakening me.

Three in the morning, but I arise and stumble to the invitation to come and see.

Up from slumbering within my warm covers, to the coffee maker, oh, just a cup.

Leaving from inside, and going out, the moon’s rays cover the sky.

The stars now hidden, upstaged by The Moon, it was simply ~

The Moon “simply” lucidly wanted to play.

Oh, how lovely you are …

Now, may I go back to sleep?