Divide, The Daily Prompt

My take on 50/50, and on the word Divide from The Daily Prompt

Dividing anything is rarely 50/50 percent.



Divorce, in a 50/50 state, means when you enter the divorce at the beginning of discovery, which is then, 50/50. At the ending of the divorce the percentage will change. The settlements, or percentages are divided between two people. And that depends on which partner has the best attorney.

To divide a pie 50/50 depends on who sneaks to get another bite with a fork while the pie rests wherever until it’s devoured. And, that too is rarely 50/50.

Identical twins rarely share the same identical DNA. Some twins DNA are closer than others, but rarely 50/50. One usually has a mole that distinguishes twin A (first born) from twin B.

The pendulum will rest at 50.50, in the video from youtube (is interesting); however, not until the individual swings of different lengths come to a stop. Though the individual swings are not equal distances when it stops all sides of the individual swings will equal or add up to 50/50 thus equaling a whole. But, that’s natural physics and God (in my opinion).


This is my take on 50/50, and on the word Divide from The Daily Prompt

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