The Father’s Blessing

By Bojenn 2012

Happy Father’s Day to all good father’s


Look under the bed!

Insisting he peered

“Nothing there.”

There’s a goblin, I’m sure!

His hand retrieved cob webs

Dust paper and a shoe

Nothing is there

Now rest… A Choo!l.

Raging hot!

A temperature, the flu.

Mom ran the cool cloth

Daddy prayed for you.

Awaken youngster

Up my lad!

Mom cooked pancakes

Dad stood back.

He watched amazed

As his children grew

He thanked The Lord for wisdom

And his dear wife too.

Sweat came from his brow

Toiling all night.

The rooster crowed

Unaware it’s daylight

Mother welcomed him

Dirty and tired

And kissed his head

Before his bedtime hour.

But, before he slept

He tiptoed in

Kissing his munchkins

And tucking them in.

Calling their names

From eldest to young

He thanked God above

He blessed each one.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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