Facing The Aliens


Yesterday, May 31, 2014, I attended my second past life regression. My first one with my therapist friend was mundane and revealed that in the past three lives, I was a mara, so to speak. Nothing royal or special which disappointed me, about me. But, yesterday’s was different though I’m still not a princess from a distant time, I am here to learn something and that is just what I sought to know. Past life regression has given me a couple of keys to unlock some of my greatest hurdles of this life.

I mentioned in a earlier post about being visited by entities in my bedroom when I was young, six, seven, eight, nine and through eleven. You can read about those experiences in ‘The Home My Father Built.’ This story is to follow that one. I asked the therapist to take me to that bedroom 51 plus years ago in a town in East Texas. She agreed. So, the time was between 1959 to middle 1960’s. Once we moved when I was twelve, the visits from the beings, stopped.

Like the imagined hypnosis sessions go, I laid my head back on a pillow of a cozy leather couch. Soft spa music plays. Now, keep in mind, I’m very deaf, and have only 5% hearing in both ears, so, my dilemma~ Do I keep the hearing aid’s on or off? Big question as they distort and distract relaxation and on the other hand, if I don’t wear them, will I hear. I decided to keep them in my ears.

I was so ready to face that room and those beings that disturbed my sleep, sometimes all night, fifty years ago. I went to elementary school often very tired. And interestingly, before my head hit the soft pillow on the leather couch, and before the therapist began, their frightening faces started bombarding me with hundreds of images. The images, I must admit, many of them look just like the ones, I’ve seen on the internet. Having said that, a creative brain like mine doesn’t need any help from the internet, so I start categorically noticing with my eyes closed, beings I’ve never seen before this session. I see their eyes and have of a face as they’re not presenting their whole self which makes me know them only in part. They are deliberately hiding the truth and are quite ferocious and threatening, now, as I enter their domain. It seems hundreds of images of eyes and half faces are threatening me. Daring me. Standing in front of me. Turning me away. They say nothing, they just give me their evil eye, just as they did a long ago. At one point in the session, My toe starts hurting. It is like one of them grabbed my toe while under the deepest part of hypnosis. I think it was a grey. He is tall and standing at the foot of the couch and telepathically tells me to go. You don’t belong here. My toe stops hurting and he dissipates.

I must point out that many of the beings eyes were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, but in a aery sense. The thought that ran through my mind during the session was this is the beautiful side of evil. One of them had eyelashes like long (12 inches, at least) thick, coarse black hairs that protected the most devilishly light blue crystal eyes. This being came a couple of times and was so gorgeous, I could hardly take my staring off her. She was feminine. But, her beauty was not of this world. We are connected somehow. I felt a oneness and I wanted to see her more, to understand who she was, especially to me. Her eyes were crystal blue just like my father’s were at times. There seems to be a genetic link though I’m not certain. The eyes continued turning me away until the therapist said now we’re going to another place off your timeline. It is a place of warmth and comfortable. We will walk down the stars. Now the stairs will be as if you’re walking down double depth stairs. Each one is as if it was two stairs deep, and we go down, down, down. One, two, three, four and down, down, I descend, to step ten….

However, I must back up here and tell you that the therapist suggested before the session began that i cover myself in the light and love of Yeshua. I had already asked Jesus, Mary Magdellan and Mary The Mother of Jesus to be my guides. Jesus was near me and the two woman were close at hand. Before I descend the stairs, Jesus says to me as he puts my hand into the hands of three male figures, “from now on you will go and be with the three magi. They will take and lead you from here until the end. Do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. They will protect you from now on. Learn from them. Follow them. They will guide you.” They seemed so warm and inviting as they pointed the way. Jesus and the two Mary’s left in a vanishing of spacial matter. I so proudly and happily began my journey with The Magi.

Down, down down… I am at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. When I proceeded down the stairs my beige long flowing dress became drenched in the salt water that became deeper with each step. On the last step, I was on the floor of the vast bottom of the Atlantic. There surrounded by an old stone temple. I swam through the drowned city with ease. There was no struggle to breath as I was one with everything including water. In the city below the ocean, I felt a familiarity. i had been there and called it home once long ago. I believe it was Atlantis. The water was green ocean color and a vague light cast on the relics so I could see. Then, I knew; knew something, but wasn’t certain what the something is. But, I had peace and this was my origin.

Then, from the top of the surface of the ocean, I heard the therapist call me. I had to go. I swam like a mermaid to the steps ascending. And with each call of her voice to step up, I followed one step at a time. i was not sad, but happy. My guides went with me; The Magi. i will never let them go. Never.

The rest of the session is to deal with my chronic insomnia. So, I saw myself from a spectators point of view. I sat in a movie theater in a seat of my choice. The middle seat, of course and watched myself sleep. I saw the eyes of the beings that tormented me watching and threatening me. Then, I saw The Magi waiting and resting with me. From now on, they will be with me in my sleep as well as my awake state.

It was time to come back to this plane once again. The therapist calls me. I’m ready. I have my three new friends and I have the peace that passes understanding, they are with me forever. They have brought their gifts of gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

However, it doesn’t end with the session. Before I left her home, there was a text from someone I had never met. Though I spoke to him via text the day before, we simply said salutations to each other politely that greeting day. He sent me a text five minutes after my regression. He said, I’m with an order of The Magi. A few sentences later he wrote, “welcome, we’ve been waiting for you.”

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