The Insufferable Know It ALL’S.FABLES for JacobBy Mimsi (Bojenn)

BackgroundThis is a story of labeling or stereotyping people or other things, not understood by sight observations or by systems that label. The fable reflects Christian values.


Once upon a time, in The Land of Eternal Judgment and Disparage was born a brown winged female butterfly who looked absolutely nothing like her mother or father or siblings. They had beautiful gold, black and fuchsia wings that opened wide into the glorious space. Her puny, very wrin brown wings, were mothy and stubby. Not, so glorious. 

The Land of Eternal Judgment and Disparage immediately place everything into proper categories. Little brown butterfly was placed in the moth category and was done so by a book of standards interpreted by many and used by everyone; carelessly. “Certainly, the family is mistaken. 
She is plainly a moth. Butterfly? O, my dear, certainly not! They insisted.They’re incapable of knowing anything, after all, we are the learned experts.” Sadly, little brown butterfly was placed with the moths. 

She grew up with the moths. O… She liked the moths, but she didn’t think like them.Over the years brown butterfly even looked like them. One day she fell into a deep deep sleep. “Something has happened to her!” There seemed to be a transparent blanket that covered her little body. They left her alone As they scrambled to find a new category, a new label… 

They opened their books They read the “if this or that occur, then, it must be this or the other.” An algorithm was used, but they were unsure. A formula was applied. Still there were no absolutes. They became worried, frustrated, and puzzled as the labels did not fit. Without a label or scientific reasoning or proof, She can not exist. 

One day it happened. She awakened. She stretched, yawned and spread her wings. Why, her wings were peacock blue and huge! Not brown at all! They had never seen a butterfly like this at all. “What kind of a butterfly are you?” The town of Eternal Judgment and Disparage asked. “Well, as you see, if you truly look, I’m not a butterfly at all. “Well, of course you are! They demanded. 

“No… No, I’m not. You want me to be a butterfly, but truly, I am far from that or a moth. Look again.” 

The town was never able to see the fact that little brown moth was never what they wanted, needed, or desired her to be. But, all along, she was an angel sent to help them with their eternal judgments and their disparaging controlling manipulations. 

Little Jacob, the moral of this story is to not judge until we know beyond a shadow of doubt their truth. To never put education above God. And lastly, never manipulate others with selfish desires for God’s plan will always be greater than our own. These facts, will let others grow, and let other’s become God’s creations and not ours. For God’s ways are higher than our own. Lastly, something to ponder, the Bible teaches that manipulation is the sin of witchcraft. So, we must be careful not to insist our designs on others. We must always, ask God’s will, and not ours… I hope one-day you will understand, little one. One-day… Love, Mimsi

Author NotesMimsi, Bojenn, shares with her grandson, Jacob, learned golden nuggets of wisdom, mostly learned the hard way. “Maybe, I’ll spare you the tough road.” I have deliberately chosen, ‘O,’ instead of ‘oh’ using art and high usage of tone deflecting snobbery in this land of Insufferable Know It Alls. 


.© Copyright 2013. Bojenn All rights reserved. 

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