The Visitor


Some say, he is a gifted writer, a talented contriver, a seer, an intuitive. These are a few of his attributes.  Plus the compliments, women liked him. He was jaded. He excelled at sensual foreplay. He is the wolf. His smile bore white straight teeth. He smiled before he bit. He pretended and acted like a vampire. That’s a few reasons she decided to pay him a visit. Not, that he deserved her visitation.  No, she simply thought like him. A jackal perhaps. But, she didn’t laugh, as he. She thought of little humor. She was flat, void of emotions. After all, the facts are simply facts. Her job was just a job. And, Since he was a “brilliant” highly publicized author of science fiction then she’d give him a story. He would be afraid to write. His smile would wilt in fear. Or, she really had no idea he would fold. After all,  he was a devil behind the fears. Surely, he can handle what he’s about to hear. She thought he was as strong as his stories. She thought he could handle the truth about human casualties. Casualties of teenage disappearances certainly endulged his heightened interest, she perceives.  Where have all the children gone? No…sinister. Beyond human reasonings, the tale of truth she informs the writer. For these reasons, she selected the master of fright, Dom Diablo. She Evangeline, the way of destiny, will tell him. The author, creator, will imagine their own ending for mankind in a story. An ending more civil than that told to Diablo. He’d design by necessity.

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