Saturn and Her Lovers


Twelve is dedicated to my dear friend, who like me understands the significance of Saturn and the number 12. This story was written to those who have an understanding of the number 12 or Saturn. And, who too, have a basic understanding of astrology and of the karmic lessons that Saturn brings to the Earth (people, animals, and atmosphere, etc). Otherwise, if reading this story, without having foreknowledge of the above, it will have absolutely no meaning.


So the warning of lessons coming goes something like this.

When Saturn comes to visit, than I say, “Hide!” She is charming and beautiful and simply alluring. But, best practice your best behaviors and live as you’ve been taught by God. Saturn’s index finger is long, slender and points at the things you’ve called, “Their’s!” or yours. And, she sits you down and shows you the truth, and then, shame or conviction makes its way inside your heart.

But, don’t despair! Because Saturn will not visit, unless ~ you’re worth a visit, and this is a fact, so rejoice, when she’s around. She doesn’t visit all; rest assured. Because “ALL” will not be able to learn, but only those who are strong enough to withstand her clean sweep of our hidden secrets.

And when she, knocks on your door, her charms enter uninvited. Then, one must take a deep long breath.  Because Saturn begins revealing overwhelming garbage taking us on a tour of karma and our ego within.

Though, Saturn is the square of three; she always teaches the lessons of nine’s. Letting you know that her “9” (not of 9 different lessons, but could be, but of the number 9 which is death, and rebirth) lessons are terribly hard and the student wilts and hopes to die before the end of her completed syllabus.

You must understand that The Trinity and perfection is in the number 3, but also squared is 9. And, furthermore, 9 which is death and rebirth of something in living things making this Saturn’s lessons that she will teach her students.

Now Saturn, comes through as three: The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost and she always deliver, right on time and not a moment before and not a moment less. Her lessons grow in length of time and intensity, but know, while she teaches, you also become a being of integrity and endurance. This fact is assured of her and she will not leave until it is complete. So smile and get on with the lesson at hand. There is no way out.

To add, had Saturn not come, then you would have been left alone in time and space with a pacifier held between your lips sucking for something more. You know, there is more to this life. You know it and a soul knows this fact. Maybe some more than others, but there is a quest for the spiritual or unknown so Saturn kindly opens your door of cleansing.

First she reviews your hidden truths. The ones you don’t want the world to see. Those in your closets, tightly pushed down by you because you are ashamed, perhaps. Then Saturn reveals the next secret, then the following, and so forth. She empties the closet, and this may take a bit of your time (months or years) before you are showered with feelings of cleanliness.

Suddenly one day, she leaves as though, you’ve said the magic words, or won something or learned the lesson. But, just thank God; she leaves. When the unannounced departure occurs, you stand braced and armed. You now recognize your stance.

You move now, as the Cobra, who looks and moves mirroring you or situations. Behold your enemy is bewildered! The new enemy must study to understand. The Cobra knows not of the lessons of Saturn’s, but it watches, it sees and it mimics hoping to catch Saturn’s student. However it is a funny happenstance that Saturn left the Cobra to further take you on that road of cleanliness.

Know this, the Cobra wants to know what Saturn’s student has learned. It is at enmity with the planet. It doesn’t like being used this way. The Cobra longs to take its student back and trick them up again. After all, the student did belong to the snake.

Rest assured, Saturn will return one day to check up on the student and the viper. So, until that day occurs, then practice her lessons just as she taught. Her next will be harder and longer because there are always lessons to be learned.

You are her student if you understand this story… And, you are blessed to have her teach you warfare.

I am one too, one of her lovers. Saturn does have many. Too many to count. But, despite this fact, you never feel ignored; but always special. Her lessons are taught always while in love…She will embrace you when you surrender to her death. You will not die, but you will rise again. She lifts you up to the cliff as she coddled you in flight. And there in flight, she licks your wounds, and she lowers you  to place your feet on a sturdy rock.

So, prepare your closets, and open your doors, before Saturn comes a knocking.

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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