You Whispered My Name?

Dedicated to CJ
You gave this joker music box to me.
It plays We Will Go On

I miss you sister.

Tinker toys, dreaming
Putting the symbols together
Hearing a name
Whispering clearly
“It’s mine.”

Rising from my bed
Sleepy eyes gather shadows
Lighting the path
“This way!”
I move

The feet grab the floor
Moving towards the voice
Down the hall
“Where to?”
Listen, “shh!”

Grand Father Clock watches
“Be quiet!” Scolding him
I turn facing
“In here.”
Stilled heart.

The wind moved drapes
A gold light casts
The treasure box
It opens
My past

Fractured memories appear
Life’s gifts I’ve blown
Then forgiveness drapes
His love, then~
Becomes my crown

Bojenn 2013

Thanking all lovely thoughts today

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